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15 Aug
ASOS: Dress £46
Belt: £6.99
Bag: £40

Breakfast with a good friend:
Breaking News: Starbuck’s now do a breakfast menu…I love porridge!
Whilst shopping we came across an ingenious quote in a River Island store.

‘Before you criticise someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.
That way when you criticise them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes.’

It made me chuckle.
Beautiful Graffiti:

A few London travel zones later and I’m in New Cross! Been admiring this for a while and finally took some pictures! I’ve seen this in varying colours around south east London….If anyone knows whose creating them let me know!

Spotlight: Hello Africa making history…

6 Aug

Africa has got itself a bad reputation. We remember it for all the wrong reasons, famine, hunger, more recently drought and hardship. But there is SO much beauty on its soil. Often creativity is one of few things that brings unity between otherwise contrasting parties. For the first time African Fashion Week was shown in the UK, an even that most people do not know exists! I believe showing it in the UK was a smart move, bridging a gap and creating an international audience. It was held from the 5th -6th of August 2011! Really hoping its on again next year!

Check out the official website here!
Check out BBC coverage here!


3 Aug
So much has happened!I graduated less than two weeks ago and I’ve managed to find a freelance job designing prints which is really exciting! and a full time job which is equally as exciting! Hello maturity. In the middle of setting up an Etsy shop, showcasing some of my prints….My diary has never been fuller. Must sleep….

Spotlight: Fashionista remix of an advent calendar….

3 Aug

Wow….I’ve never been one of those people who counts down the days to Christmas…but I may have just joined the league! Here is an advent calender with a difference, filled with miniature sizes of some of Selfridges best selling products! Cannot WAIT till it becomes available!

Check it out here!
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