14 Mar


I am unashamedly a film fanatic. My collection grows every month and so does the stash of Ben and Jerry’s I enjoy them with. I bought ‘An Education’ featuring Carey Mulligan and Rosamund Pike a couple of weeks ago and it was AMAZING! Beautifully shot, amazing wardrobe and an amazing story! Classic coming of age story but in an oh so modern way!

You can purchase it here!

There were some seriously stylish moments in this film. Carey Mulligan’s character had two style personalities, the quirky schoolgirl and the sophisticated 60’s lady. I couldn’t resist making some notes and sharing them with yours truly.



Three ways to to mimic her style…

Step One: The Quirky School Girl

£99.95 by The Cambridge Satchel Company @ Harrods

Step Two: The Floral 60’s Lady

£228.39 @ JessicaRoseFashion on Etsy

STep three: Continuous Elegance

Carey Mulligan’s character Jenny wears a yellow gold heart locket throughout the entire film. It suits every look she does, because its classic. I love the Tiffany version.

Locket in 18k gold. Size large. On a chain. Locket and chain sold separately. 

£1, 635 all together @ Tiffany & Co


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