What I Want on Payday©…

14 Mar

Introducing ‘What I Want On Payday©’, a section of  my site, where I tell you about all the lovely things I want…and wish for. If your anything like me you have a long wish list by the time pay day arrives. There are things I want, love, and wish for. Every month I have to choose things to splurge on, spend on and save for. The clouds were grey for such a long time but now there are hints sunshine and warmth, so everything is a little spring inspired. Here are some of the things that could possibly make it into my home and wardrobe later this month…or maybe into yours!

How chic and French is this skirt! So cute and could easily be teamed up with a bright coloured vest top and fabulous sunglasses in the summer.

£38 @ Topshop

I love these sandals! Simple and so everyday, you could throw them on without thinking. Besides they look pretty comfy too.

Houpla Leather Strap Sandals £16 @ Topshop


Tiffany is by far a world leader regarding diamonds. The cut, clarity and overall quality of their stones starts where other establishments finish. Diamonds are a girls best friend and diamond studs are the ultimate staple. A platinum pair start at £870 and the sizes go up and up and up! I’d like a carat some day…but I guess these are a good start.

22 Points of Diamond- £870 @ Tiffany & Co


I have some leopard print shoes that would go pretty hotly with this dress…

£49.99 @ Zara


What a print this dress has…a modern approach to floral design I think..

£35.99 @ Zara

I have a thing about candles and Diptyque are the creme de la creme! I think I’ll be hoping for the Rose Geranium this month.

£38 @ Diptyque

Beautiful piece of Wall art! Monochrome at its best…I’d like to ‘Seize The Day’ all right!

 £49 @ Oliver Bonas


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