The Spotlight’s On……Beauty and the Basics

3 May

So my last post was a ‘getting to know me’ piece! One of the subjects I talked about, was my limited knowledge on make-up…however I know a WHOLE lot more about I must have the world’s most sensitive skin! I’ve tried out pretty much everything in the skin-care aisle……seriously! As a young girl, my Mum taught me that looking good isn’t all about what you put on but how you treat what you’ve already got! There is no point in putting beautiful clothes on a body less than cared for…not very elegant! I’m no professional, but here are some tips and products that I have tried and tested. Nothing good comes easy……apart from that one girl we all know who does NOTHING and looks amazing (sigh). If your normal, keep reading!

1.Great Skin = Great Cleansing Routine

Botanics Facial Brush £6 @ Boots

I cleanse my skin UNFAILINGLY every morning and night. I bought this a little bit ago to aid my routine. It’s done wonders! If your not in the UK every local beauty store tends to have some equivalent to the one below! Try and pick one with natural hair bristles for minimal irritation.

+ Moisturiser

 Aveeno Skin Relief £5.49 @ Boots

Aveeno moisturisers are AMAZINg! They keep skin supple all day,have a great consistency and contain natural ingredients.

2. Great Skin = Great Amounts of Water

I know people go on about this…but’s so true.I like Evian, people say different water brands don’t taste different. I disagree.

3. Great Looking Lips  = Great Moisturised Base

Carmex Lip Pot Original £2.69 @ Boots

In order to get a great smooth finish after lipstick or lip gloss, your lips need to be moisturised in the first place…no flakes allowed! I put Carmex on at night…and wake-up to great lips…cuz I’m fly like that. Hee hee…

4. Great Hair = Great Conditioning

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner £3.49 @ Boots

Hair that’s styled but dead looking will always look bad! This conditioner seems to work on all different hair types. Havn’t tried it myself but a lot of vloggers and friends I respect would recommend this for many different types of hair!

Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise £7.99 for 2lb @ Paks Cosmetics

This product is exclusively for Afro-Caribbean hair (as far as I know). This product should be a staple for every black hair care routine….it’s amazing!

5. Great Eyebrows  = Great looking face

Eyebrows frame your face..make sure your frame looks good.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Seek medical advice/Check the guidelines listed on products before using them!


2 Responses to “The Spotlight’s On……Beauty and the Basics”

  1. Dr.Smithwords May 3, 2012 at 2:43 pm #

    Hi Chioma. Got a question about hair. I’ve got a lot of hair and when I take it out of braids its basically an Afro. However, this is very hard to take care of. Any ideas/suggestions to make it more manageable?

    • I’m a beginner to the Afro too! So I can tell you what I’ve learn’t and refer you over to people who know better than I! Don’t be decieved, Afro’s are misleadingly hard to take care of! and are pretty fragile too…as I’ve learn’t hee hee!

      Moisture/Conditioning is KEY!..we don’t get a lot of the goodness afro hair needs living in Britain….
      1. Using Black hair care products are super duper key….our products aim to restore and DEEPLY condition our hair while most caucasian products aim to do the reverse! taking grease out..
      2. When washing your hair always condition with products such as hair mayonnaise(use this one a month…no more as it has high protein content, this help to rebuild damage done to hair). The organics range available for worldwide shipping here, is a great start and very inexpensive:
      3. Wash your Hair with and without cainrows regularly to avoid scalp build-up with leads to itchiness!

      I’m going to refer you to some youtube gurus!…they know more than I do….hope this helps 🙂

      Research youtube…

      Love from StudioChi

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