The Spotlight’s On…The Zara Bag

7 May

I’m not sure about you, but I feel like over the last couple of months Zara bags have taken over LONDON! It’s the high street version of the Chanel 2.5 bag. I can’t go anywhere without seeing the two day bags below more than once.

There are 3 reasons why these bags are so popular.

Thing 1: They exude a designer bag look…but with a high street price tag!

Thing 2: Both bags have an incredible size. Ladies love to carry everything..just ‘in case’ you need it ha! The sizes are fashionably perfect for work files, college/university books or day trips!

Thing 3: They come in a variety of colours.

I reckon the Zara crew have seen how popular their accesory line has become (bags are flying of the shelves), due to the recent expansion. Here are some of my new favourites…enjoy lovelies!

1. Studded Bowling Bag in Nude £59.99 at Zara

2.Mini Shopper in Green £25.99 at Zara

3.Bag with Tacks £39.99 at Zara

4.Suede Shopper Bag in Red at Zara

5. Shopper Basket in Two-Tone at Zara

6. Graded Shopper in Two-Tone at Zara


3 Responses to “The Spotlight’s On…The Zara Bag”

  1. Beibei Wu May 7, 2012 at 11:54 am #

    Love the Zara Shopping bag! i’ve got it in tan colour ^^

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