The Spotlight’s On….Hermes Forever

18 May

Confession: It slightly upsets me when people complain about the price of luxury handbags. As a textile graduate I know the work that goes into a piece of that magnitude. The inspiration, details and composition can take YEARS to collate and enter the wardrobes of lucky ladies. Legacy is a huge part of what makes a luxury brand….years of talent and creativity summed into one word.

Images via Park & Cube

In this case, the brand on our lips is Hermes. They are celebrating their 175th anniversary with the new exhibition ‘Hermes Leather Forever’. We will get to see items from their archive as well as seeing interactive demonstrations of the Hermes Team creating some of thier most popular pieces! I love when culture and fashion meet!

Royal Academy of Arts, London

Hermes Leather Forever

6 Burlington Gardens


3 Responses to “The Spotlight’s On….Hermes Forever”

  1. Lucy May 23, 2012 at 11:02 pm #

    Good post. It’s all relative isn’t it.. You get what you pay for x


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    […] actually went to Hermes Exhibition….I practice what I […]

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