The Wedding Spotlight’s On…..A Pretty Floral Bridal Shower

15 Jun

I love creatively co-ordinating events. I started planning for this Bridal Shower a couple of months ago. Every event is special to someone, but this one even more so as I am the Bride-to-Be’s maid of honour. I began by picking her favourite colours and went from there.

The theme was hinted by the invitations I designed and followed through to the event. The cupcakes and bunting that I made also helped to bring a vintage/homemade flair to the event. It couldn’t have been done without  help from friends who even came up with things I haven’t thought of….which is why I always carry extra crafting materials!

There were plenty of games and tonnes of laughter!

Being Nigerian, my culture can influence some of the things I do. One of the aspects of my culture is showing gratefulness to  God by finding ways to give back.(In case you didn’t know Nigeria’s constitution was built on the Bible as we were once under British rule!) At weddings, the relatives of the bride and groom give guests favours to thank them for coming to rejoice with them. The last image shown is of the favours I created for guests to take home (later wrapped up in tissue paper and ribbons.)  Couldn’t really let everyone leave without a present could I? ha!


2 Responses to “The Wedding Spotlight’s On…..A Pretty Floral Bridal Shower”

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  2. trailofcrumbsblog August 6, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

    Looks like you did a great job planning it! – Nicole

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