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Rosie Huntington-Whitely For Marks and Spencer’s Autograph

28 Sep

There something about the feeling of great underwear that get me a little giddy. I will put up my hands and  admit to being a snob on this subject. I love the feeling of silk(the real kind), new lace and all greatness before colours start to fade and elastic goes amiss. I got my first pretty undergarments from Marks and Spencer. What was your first shopping trip like? It seems that everyone remembers that awkward first fitting mothers takes you on(cringe). Having gone through my draws, I realised I have a lot more from good old Marks and Spencer’s than I thought. Every now and then they create things that I have to have. Evidently this happens a lot.

Enter Rosie Huntington- Whitely, supermodel, face of Burberry and now designing for Marks and Spencer. Her range has debuted and the results are stunning!

Working with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Collection available from Marks and Spencer’s online  here and prices start from £17.50. Simples!


Instagram-ed Sunday Best: Why Hello Coat and Red Lipstick!

27 Sep

Hi everyone(smiles).

Last Sunday I realised it was time to get my coat action on. In England it’s literally raining on tap. So much so that there are flood warnings up and down the country. Good bye beloved sandals! I am so sure friends and family are sick and tired of seeing this dress. It’s the Chioma version of the ‘little black dress’. I throw it on in the summer with sandals and in the autumn/winter with boots…like this. I think that most girls have one of those dresses!

I love lipstick. I love the texture, the rich colour and the polished look. I only own one(that should change on payday ha!). I remember the day I bought it like yesterday. I was 19, I loved the idea of owning lipstick and I thought it would make me look a little more grown up. Maybe even elegant. I walked up to a Clinique counter and asked them for a red that would suit my skin tone. I wanted one with a gloss finish being used to lip gloss. Back then, I thought that red was the ultimate lipstick colour and in some ways I still do.

Coat: Topshop/ Dress: Mango/ Necklace: H&M/ Boots: Zara

Essie Nail Polish of the day: Watermelon


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24 Sep

It’s been one of those weeks that I love. I’ve spent time with friends and family, done plenty of reading and managed to upgrade my phone…..finally! At the moment I’m enjoying that in-between seasons period when it’s not too cold and I can still throw on layered summer clothes with tights. The only thing I look forward to in Autumn is the rain. There is something so beautiful and peaceful about it. I don’t like being stuck in it without appropriate shoes, but I do love the sound of rain whilst in bed (with tea and biscuits). I’ve also been on the look out for winter clothing to invest in…the temperature is dropping fast. Oh, and a shout out to my lovely adopted little sisters from Church who apparently read all my posts…you guys are awesome!

Beautiful new pink orchids that sit on my window sill.

Re-reading this book…incredible writing, it was on my university reading list whilst I was there.

Admiring stylish baby clothes from Mothercare.

Hitting 4000 views on this blog, YIKES! That’s a lot of views for little old me. Thanks for all the support guys 🙂

Vogue meeting South London.

Falling in love with Zara Home. Is there any such thing as a ‘Zara home christmas gift list’?

Veg should always look this good….

This sums me up entirely…

Drive through KFC with my Dad/Uncle.

Team I-Phone.

Beautiful new Iphone case courtesy of ‘T’…thank you! Available here.

I’m on instagram….add me!

Cool treats courtesy of my friend ‘D’ from her travels in America.

New Essie nail polishes in ‘Boat House’ and ‘Watermelon’.

My new home-made cider vinegar toner that works a treat.

If you have ever wondered what the real Chioma is like, here she is. The above photo is from the outtakes of a ‘Sunday Best’. If you ask my friends I am pretty much like this all the time….

Watch Don’t Stop…

19 Sep

Hi everyone! Hope your all having a good week. Fashion weeks across the globe have led to most fashionista’s being glued to their Iphones, Instagram’s and the all important Vogue website. I’m waiting for it to all be over and then I’ll summarise my favourite looks. But for now I’ll turn my attention to the trend that seems to be here to stay….the watch. It all kicked off last year, but now there are so many options and metal colours available! Here are a couple of my most loved watch trends.

1. Nixon ‘South Kensington’ Gold bracelet watch £160 at ASOS

2. Casio AQ-230GA-9DMQYES Digital Bracelet Watch £47 at ASOS

3.Folli Follie ‘Olyteus’ Watch £185 at Folli Follie

4. Ladies DKNY Chronograph Watch Silver and Rose Gold Watch £162 at Watchshop

5. Michael Kors  Gold Chronograph Watch £229 at Watchshop

6. DKNY Street Smart Chronograph Watch £193 at Watchshop

7. Triwa Ebony Gold Brasco Chronograph £185 at Triwa

8. Ladies Fossil Stella Watch £106 at Watchshop

9. River Island Vintage Style Skinny Watch £20 at ASOS

Instagram-ed Sunday Best?: Mauve Lace

17 Sep

Yesterday, I was away with my thoughts and managed to forget my camera. Seriously! At first I thought, ‘Well that’s that then,’ but afterwards I remembered a thing called Instagram. Having newly discovered my beautiful Iphone, I admit to Instagram addiction(@bychioma). It doesn’t have the same pixel quality, but there’s something about the filters that makes pictures look so great. What do you think?

Kicking up my heels…

Dress: Asos/Heels: Kurt Geiger/Earrings: Deptford Market Stall/ Watch: Triwa/ Bangle: Azendi/ Essie Nail Colour: Boat House

So what do you think? Do you think my Sunday Best photo’s should be with a regular camera or alternate with Instagram?

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