That Work Shoe Dilemna/ Mary Portas for Clarks

25 Oct

A week ago I realised I have gone through a whopping 6 PAIRS of shoes in the last 11 months at work. That is completely insane! I work in luxury retail but retail is retail. It all involves standing, bending and even more standing. I love my job, but my footwear doesn’t. Might I say that having wide size 8 feet does NOT help ūüė¶ I have been through enough cheap pairs of shoes that my mum’s childhood ¬†advice finally makes sense. My mum has always loved a bargain, but there were exceptions! She has always insisted you spend good money on the bed you sleep on, the food you eat, underwear and the shoes you wear.

After broken heels and swollen overworked feet I have definitely learned my lesson the hard way. In the light of this, I am about to make a couple of serious sole-d investments(sad I know…).

If you are not from the UK, you may not have heard of the brand Clarks who are famed for making comfortable shoes. They feature great support and balance and at this point I’ve got to do something….the pain is just TOO much.

At one point I considered Salvatore Ferragamo shoes like this…

They are so beautiful, but at close to £300 I reckon they might have to wait a couple of pay days!

I was a little worried about the style factor. I want my ‘black business style’ shoes to look great but be comfortable. Turns out that finding comfortable and stylish shoes has been made a lot easier by Mary Portas. ‘That’ high-street guru made a great line for Clarks so I don’t have to compromise!

Mary Portas for Clarks ‘La Aurelie’ at ¬£79.99 via here!

How cute are these? Wasn’t sure about them at first but they are growing on me!

Mary Portas for Clarks ‘La Jane’ at ¬£79.99 via¬†here!

Will let you all know what I chose….problem solved=happy feet!

PS: No one talk to my mum…..


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