Let’s have a Blogmas Baul!

11 Dec

What in the world is a baul???? If any of you are addicted to youtube(like me), you’ll be familiar with haul videos. I love them, they are basically people talking you through what they’ve bought. You wouldn’t have thought it would be interesting but tens of thousands of views per video means those girls are onto a winner. I for one find them incredibly interesting, and I thought you might too! So here enter a ‘baul’…a b’loggers haul….get it? I know I’m sad right 😦

warehouse bags

1. Purple Warehouse Side Stud Clutch £24 @ Warehouse: I absolutely love the colour. Definately jumped on the oxblood bandwagon. I’m trying to train myself to carry less rubbish around with me so I can carry smaller cuter bags, when I overcome this challenge you will see more of it. Am I the only girl who carries shed-loads of stuff around with her ‘just in case’ hahaha?

2. Black Warehouse Croc Chain Strap bag £32: For some reason it’s not available online anymore, but I bet it will be back soon! I love that this has a Chanel strap vibe without trying to hard. Nothing worse than a bad copy. The croc fabric makes it look like a vintage find.

3. Topshop Stamp Cross Drop Earrings £8.50 @ Topshop: It’s cross’s everywhere at the moment. I don’t have a problem with that! These earrings have a bit of an edge to them too. They would jazz up a simple outfit.

So what do you guys think? Baul’s yay or nay?


2 Responses to “Let’s have a Blogmas Baul!”

  1. ronyshapira December 11, 2012 at 4:11 pm #

    beautiful clutches!!

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