Casual Sunday Best(Outfit of the day): Snow and all…

23 Jan

Guess who’s back 😉 So remember that flu thing? Recovering took a while. And after recovering I decided to start the new year right and put my priorities straight. Anywho more about that later….

Who else is experiencing the snow? Honestly, I’m not crazy about snow itself. I hate the cold, the sludge and slippery-ness. What I love is the look of it. Snow manages to make even the weirdest neighbourhoods look like something out of a Christmas card.

 It’s so pretty, though to me it’s better admired with hot chocolate from a window. However in the spirit of it all, I thought I’d take some photo’s because….well….it’s snow!DSCN3843


When I walked into Primark and saw this skirt I knew I had to have it. The perfect Autumn shade. And at £7 full price….bargain!



Cardigan: Mango/ Top: Primark/ Skirt: Primark/ Boots: Zara/ Lips: Mac Frost Finish Lipstick ‘New York Apple’


and yes it was so cold I ran back inside….

Photography by the sweetness that is S. Alatise Photography


One Response to “Casual Sunday Best(Outfit of the day): Snow and all…”

  1. faylicious February 8, 2013 at 11:14 pm #

    Snow really makes everything looks so pretty!!! 🙂

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