Why hello print and texture!

13 Apr

How y’all doing!!??? Okay, so I’m not about to get all American on you.  Unfortunately in real life my accents are truly appalling :-/.

There are so many trends in full force at the moment, mixed prints, neon lego colours, iridescence etc etc. I have to admit, I’m not the best with following trends. The truth is, I cannot be bothered. Following design is way more interesting for me, seeing what’s new and innovative. This is one of the reasons I love posting random finds…because life is one massive treasure hunt(insert cheesy happy smile). It is very easy to end up with a wardrobe of pieces that you are waiting to come back into fashion. The easiest way to avoid this is by buying classic styles with trendy details.

Heels with print and texture

1. ASOS Harmonica Wedges £42 @ ASOS

2. H&M Black and White wedges £24.99 @ H&M

3. L.K.Bennett Flora Point Toe Court Shoe £185 @ L.K.BENNETT

4. Zara Leopard Printed Platform Sandals £39.99 @ Zara

5. Zara Wide-Heel Sandal with Ankle Strap £39.99 @ Zara

These are some of my favourites! All on the high street and affordable, (Call the L.K.Bennett an investment 😉 Pick yours.


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