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5 Things Tuesday: 5 Things I would tell my younger self.

9 Jul


1. Half of those silly things you hate about yourself are not such a big deal. You share your stretch marks with millions. Your chest will never get much bigger, but that doesn’t mean your not attractive. You’ll figure out how to keep spots at bay for special occasions.

2. The world is a scary place with a whole load of wierdo’s. Not trusting anyone makes life hard. Just choose who you trust wisely.

3. .Right now Jesus is just your friend. One day He will become your everything. The journey has just started.

4. Growing up doesn’t mean you have get it all together. Perfection is unattainable, it’s easier to try to do the right thing.

5. There’s nothing wrong with you. The reason they say your slow is dyslexia, but the reason you’ll suceed anyway is God. You’ll get that Maths GCSE and your Head of Year who told you that you weren’t suitable for a formal education will pout when you give her that box of maltesers on your A-Level results day. By they way Mrs So and So, I told you so ūüėČ (Cue cheesy triumphant music.)

What would you tell your younger self? Life is funny in that we are taught the same lesson until it sinks in. Writing this made me think about some of the journies I am still on and the work ahead. I’m not overwhelmed at all, just in awe of how far God has brought me. I’m not just grateful, I’m happy !

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