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Nigerian Wedding Trend: Sequins Do it..

4 Feb

 Hello everyone!  So looking back on your responses in 2013, I was a little surprised that you all loved my wedding posts more than all the others. Here’s the thing, I love creating them! I have a lot of fun writing them. At one point last year I considered making this a wedding blog. Restricting my blog to one subject? That could never happen. My mind is far too random. Let’s face it, so is yours! Who likes just one thing?

In the light of the popularity of the wedding side, there will be more inspirational bridal posts in the year 2014. There should always be time in the day to dream! As a result of my resolution, it’s half 3 in the morning(can’t sleep, this is a scheduled post) and I’m typing.


Many west Africans will recognise the above face. She is Tiwa Savage, singer, recently married hottie/babe of life. This was her second dress on her special day. Tiwa definitely didn’t start the trend as I had seen a few sparkly wedded numbers before. But, she is definitely a worthy trend confirmer! I love that she chose a silver toned dress. The key to making this dress a hit and not a miss is picking a colour-way that suits your complexion.

So here’s a little inspiration….



By Love, Tims: Bridal


Via topwedding.co.uk

gold dress

Via simplydresses.com

Picture 3

This is one trend that I actually like. But get in there fast. Everyone and their mother will catch on soon enough…..


Fashion: The best £12.99 I ever spent

24 Aug

The last time you heard from me I was talking about sucking it up and buying a lipstick. This post is about getting over my ‘thing’ about trousers. I find it funny how much my blog has taught me about things that have nothing to do with my blog! Fear of failing and doing something new so often put us of incredible new horizons. Not strange, just human nature.

Seeing me in a pair of trousers is like seeing an Eskimo in flip flops. It just doesn’t happen. For many reasons. The first is the problem that one that faces all curvy girls face with a small waist ,big hips and some butt. Nothing fits quite right and everything seems a bit clown-ish. Most fitting my bottom half but loose at the waist. The only thing missing from most trousers I try on are braces and a clown hat. Resulting in a wardrobe full of dresses!



I walked into Zara one day determined to find a pair of trousers. Having scoured the entire store I couldn’t believe it when I saw these trousers. The shock continued to the changing room when I found out they fit. Zara do statement pieces like these trousers so well. Down from £50 to £12.99, bargain!



Top: Primark

Trousers: Zara

Shoes: Nine West

Sunglasses: New York City Market Sunglasses

Jewellry: Tiffany & Co

Lips: Mac ‘Ruby Woo’ Lipstick

x LoveChi x

Virgos Lounge Autumn/Winter

20 Nov

At the moment I’m having a wardrobe clear out. Getting rid of all those items I avoid wearing because they no longer fit right. Or only work with an item that no longer fits etc etc etc. It is true what they say, your taste changes as you get older. As time goes by I find myself wanting to take more risks, you only live once after all. And if it doesn’t work, there’s tommorow right 🙂

So, while in the process of ‘out with the old and in with the new’, I am refusing to compromise. What in the world does that mean? Well, the truth is I actually find shopping quite difficult.  I have big wide feet, a small waist but big hips, big butt(and I cannot lie), broad shoulders and a questionable chest. While we’re at it, WHY is every hem SOOOO short argh! In the past I haven’t always found things that fit quite right so I bought things that I wasn’t always in love with….sigh. This lead to a wardrobe that at the slightest body change no longer fit.

In the spirit of buying things I am in love with, I am enjoying the thrill of discovering new upcoming labels. To be fair Virgos Lounge are doing pretty well for themselves, worn by celebrities and featured in countless publications.In fact, it was Grazia magazine that lead me to them a while back.  I’m all about decadence. I love patterns and glitz. But most of all I love clothes that hold their own. Pieces I can throw on and just KNOW that the outfit is almost there. I love that they have so many great dresses, as dresses are easy fits.

virgos lounge fashion style fashion blog

 Thier Autumn Winter collection has just launched with an awesome video too!

Their designs are quite frankly…..to die for. The prices…..completely affordable. If you are considering buying a party dress for the nearly here party season, check out Virgos Lounge.

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