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Good TV is coming back!

12 Sep

Has anyone else noticed that there is NOTHING on TV during the summer? This year we had the Olympics/ Paralympics…but that was pretty much it. Considering I’m not really a TV person and don’t have a lot of spare time, it’s a huge deal. However, I have a couple of guilty pleasures that are great for a cosy night in…with snacks to hand. The only thing I like about the future cold weather, is these lovely delights to snuggle up to. It’s definitely time to get out my extra blankets….or better yet go buy some!

Gossip Girl is entering it’s last season….team Chuck and Blair! Chuck’s suits are the stuff of day dreams.

Downton Abbey.


How I Met Your Mother.

Grey’s Anatomy. (So much creative love for this picture.)

New Girl. I sing…”It’s Jess!”

private practice

Private Practice.

Scandal. Meet the coolest lawyers ever.

Last but not least…Hart of Dixie!


The Spotlight’s On…..The Great Gatsby

2 Jun

I love a stylish production! Some of my favourites have included The Devil Wears Prada, Mad Men and Downton Abbey. This Great Gatsby features Leonardo DiCaprio and some incredibly thought through costume and set design. It might be familiar for most of us as the book was written by that famous writer F.Scott Fitzgerald…you know the one! I think it would make an incredible theme for a wedding…

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