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14 May

So this is not just about the last couple of days…it’s been a while since my last Glimpse post! The truth is I’ve been so distracted by beautiful fashion and weddings…but you’ve told me you enjoy them, so I feel a little better. For the lovely new subscribers, WELCOME..great to have you, your so very appreciated! Glimpse posts are pretty much what they say on the box….a glimpse into my life. Without further ado…

Went back to Bath,England for a couple of days to see old housemates and good friends! Went to one of my favourite café’s Boston Tea Party for a catch up! They do a mean lemon drizzle cake…I’d travel miles for one of those bad boys.

One of my best friends in the whole wide world(hee hee) bought me this beautiful tea-pot set! Such a beautiful co-incidence as I actually saw it and couldn’t buy it at the time, but when I went back when I could….it was gone! Little did I know Heaven had a better plan! I love the beautiful print…fashionably delicious huh?

A bit of Elle magazine on the way back..

Making a roast for some friends.(Disclaimer: I later decided to boil these potatoes…the oven was messing and it was taking forever!)

New Mac goodies…having the right shade does wonders ha!

This is me on the way to Church yesterday…I have no idea what I was trying to channel here….oh dear. There was sunshine so of course I dug out my aviators!




12 Apr

My! I’ve had a busy couple of days..I’ve seen friends,worked on some coming posts and had a great time. Here it is in pictures!


West African dutch wax print dress meets my very London chic trench coat…..Who says you have to choose one culture? I’m proudly both!


Some friends and I decided to take our sisters out for the day! We saw Wrath of the Titans in Imax 3d…It was so good, I got a little scared and had to take my 3-D glasses of ha!Me and my sister spotted the above afterwards opposite the Hayward Gallery in London….interesting, non?



Pizza at Zizzi’s, always tasty!

Ended the day at the Haagen Daz store in Leicester Square!

PS: Limited edition Coconut truffle ice cream is VERY worth trying!

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