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Sunday, Spiked and Cold Rants…

6 Mar

It is crazy cold in London at the moment. I am literally lathering my skin with layers of moisturiser to scare away dry patches. For some reason my skins seems to be reacting worse to the cold than in previous years. This is not surprising when you take into consideration the rapid and sudden changes in temperature. One minute I’m taking off my cardigan and the next I’m running around the flat looking for an extra pair of socks.

In case winter wasn’t enough, my skin is also battling with perfume. Sound bizarre? It seems I have a tendency to spray on perfume whilst doing a mad dash for the door in the morning. As a result of this mayhem, I keep spraying it on my face! The perfume keeps causing all sort of bumps including a suspicious looking black eye. I’m dangerously close to the end of my Mac concealer! Please learn from my silliness.


Open Knot Key by Tiffany & Co/Spike Necklace £6 by Accessorize/Spiked shoes £29.99 by Zara(old)/ Delicate love bracelet £4 by Accessorize

delicate love bracelet

This must sound pretty awful, but I really need to learn to dress well in the winter. Chioma in the summer looks at Chioma in the winter with disdain. Really, it’s pretty bad. However, in the light of pay day I thought I’d go wild with accessories. Feel free to welcome my beautiful Tiffany key necklace into my wardrobe. Have loved it for so long……it was time to treat myself. And in typical Chioma fashion I have caught onto the spike trend late. Honestly, finding pieces I liked were hard. Got there in the end.

zara spiked shoes

It’s nearly spring time London! Hurry up Sun, we’ve missed you 🙂

xoxo Sun Lover


Glimpse and Overthinking it….

26 Nov

On the way to work.

Love how this guy is casually rocking coral beads.

One giant yorkshire pudding with swede and carrot, mash, gravy and awesomeness.

Stopping by my local Carribean takeaway for a beef pattie and cocoa bread nommy!

Coffee and muffin with a friend 😉

Saw these flowers in a pub garden of all places. Just happened to be walking by, isn’t it incredible how much beauty is around us!? Weird huh?

I am one of those people who over think EVERYTHING. Situations, comments, tasks. When given the chance, my mind will run wild. I find dressing for events pretty difficult when I have tonnes of time to plan. Why? Because it gives me more time to freak out! I’m better off when I have 15 minutes to be washed and dressed.

Coco Chanel famously once said ‘always take of the last thing you put on’, I couldn’t agree more. I’m going to my friends wedding this week(yay!), so obviously I need a new outfit :-). I have FINALLY settled on a dress….

Zara Fitted Studio Dress £49.99 at Zara

Now I don’t know whether to go for funky shoes or classic. Earrings or necklace.  I will post pictures up of the finished outfit…when I finally make up my mind.

Monique Lhuillier Engagement Rings/Buying an engagement ring online?

14 Nov

Smiles! Hope your on your way to having a good day, or buying a coffee ahaha. I’ve had this post in the pipeline for a while. One of the ideas that hadn’t  swam it’s way to the surface yet.I have always been a jewellry lover, when I was younger I was obsessed with costume jewellry. I would trawl Asian shops and markets for unusual finds. When I finally admitted to myself that I was allergic to those beauties, I got myself my first semi- fine jewellers job. Over the years the industry has opened it’s creative doors in new ways.

Monique Lhuillier is famous bridal designer  I think she is for the bride who wants more than a white dress, but without compromising on elegance.. But more on that later 😉

I happened to be passing through the Blue Nile website(lie I’m always looking at the recently bought diamond rings), and I could not believe my eyes when I saw the tag line ‘Monique Lhuillier Fine Jewellry’! Now for those of you reading this with a confused face, Blue Nile is arguably one of the most acclaimed online jewellers. If your anything like me, you are wary of buying luxury items online. So the idea of buying something as important as an engagement ring digitally is just a no no!

However, having seen Blue Nile rings in person and had many conversations, I am yet to hear a bad review. There are clear advantages. These include the ability to educate, select diamonds and settings according to your own requirements while you are in comfort of your own home. Let’s not forget that most engagement rings are bought by men. Online shopping cancels out a daunting shopping experience for them (bless their cotton socks.) Blue Nile offer a money-back guarantee on rings that don’t meet expectation. Despite the fact that there are plenty of images available of your ring.

There are also clear disadvantages. You (or in traditional scenarios your partner) loose out on the in-store experience.

Obviously, you pay for the ring before seeing it yourself. I could go on and on.

But none of these things mean anything if you get the design of your dreams. It’s like finding the perfect pair of shoes to fit a difficult outfit. But instead of wearing it till your shoes are worn in, you wear it for a lifetime.  I am not completely sold on online jewellry. But if anything was to convince me…these rings will. They are quite simply breathtaking. Reminiscent of the floral features in Monique Lhuillier’s wedding dresses. All those diamonds….ahhh.

The real question is…..would you do it? Check them out for yourself!



5 Nov

Hello wonderful readers 🙂 It’s really starting to get cold isn’t it! Definitely time to start autumn/winter shopping, staying warm creates the perfect excuse! If you follow me on Instagram(@bychioma), you may have already seen some of these! Follow me over there so I don’t feel lonely 🙂

For all the regulars on here, you may be wondering why posts have been a bit scarce recently 😦 (sad apologetic face). The first reason is that my day job(the one that puts food on the table), now involves more hours. This is great for my pocket but means I need to learn how to balance life and work and not just stay in bed out of tiredness. The second reason is that my poor old camera has gone to Heaven. That’s right….she is dead. By the way, repairing cameras is so expensive! argh….(scrooge sigh.) Currently deciding whether to fix it or just get a new one!

No Make-up day 🙂 When I don’t wear make-up I look like 5 years younger.

Took my sister and her friends out for her birthday! This dessert was so incredible I’m pretty much salivating just looking at the picture.

I have no idea who this gentleman is, but he was so well dressed I had to take a picture. It’s not often this stands opposite you on the tube.

Getting way too excited in Boots….ah well got my points!!

Waterstone’s tube adverts…..that little boy is the cutest thing ever, those glasses aww!

Just me…ahahhaha?

Attended the incredible Ayo-Dele‘s album launch with friends, such a great night!

Me and my sister fell in love with the same Topshop bag whilst in two different cities. She bought it, I didn’t. I will soon correct this!

Dim-Sum at Ping-Pong

West End battered shopping bags taking a break on Pizza Hut chairs…

Don’t forget to wrap up everyone…get the boots and gloves out!

StudioChi: A New Chapter

16 Oct

Why, hello there lovely people! Hope you are all well.

For all of you wonderful people who find me the least bit interesting, you are probably wondering where in the world I’ve been. I promise you I have been missing but still in action. Some times I take(find) the time to evaluate my life. I think of how I can make my relationships better, discover more of God’s beauty in my world and enjoy my time more. I hope this doesn’t sound incredibly morbid, ha! I’ve been doing the same thing with this blog. Reading over your comments, responses and likes(I check EVERY single one) and considering how I can make this blog better.

Every now and then I get that blogger envy. Any one who has ever blogged at some point must know about this. You look at other blogs and think mine should do this, look like this and be like that. I have realised that this only happens when your trying to make your blog fit into a mould. Every blog is unique because every blogger is unique. A blog should be an expression of it’s writers tastes and interests. I love sharing the things I discover with you guys. Style tips and tricks shouldn’t be exclusive and if I am lucky enough to find something, I’ll share it!  So after much ado…this happened….

Studio Chi

Life. Style. Weddings

It encapsulates all of my babbling without constricting me.

Buckle up…;-) and let me know what you think about the new chapter/new look blog!

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for daily insights 🙂 @bychioma

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