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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Black Hair

17 Apr

I’m in bed(yay) on my day off work(more yay). I’ll be honest I’m not intending to leave my room for a good couple of hours. I got my snacks, food and portable heater. I’m living the life!

A while ago I heard a future bride discussing whether or not it is possible  to have a natural hairstyle on her wedding day. In my head I was infuriated. How could she debate whether or not it was possible? If you choose to go for hair extensions, it’s your choice but it is definitely a possibility. In the light of day, I remembered that it wasn’t this ladies fault.

One of my favourite authors, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, is about to release a book I am super happy about. The novel ‘Americanah’ has taken the hair debate out of the black arena and made it a global political issue.On Channel 4, The New Yorker and the Ted Conference. Gosh, I love this woman.

chimamanda ngozi adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Photographed by Akintunde Akinleye

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Photographed by Akintunde Akinleye

I have heard younger girls being taught that in order to have success in a high powered careers afro hair is ill-advised? Is this is the legacy we are leaving? There is an impression that a natural texture is ‘less than’, ‘too eccentric’, ‘not professional’ etc etc. Sorry but what??!! What happened to breaking through stereotypes and being the change, not the problem. More importantly as a Christian I can’t help but wonder, where is God’s role in all of this? If you believe in God, surely He is the operating ingredient in our success. Hopefully people see the Creators work in our job interviews, not just our Brazilian………extensions.

We speak of being modern women, but contradict ourselves by agreeing and conforming with those who judge us by our hair. If God knows the future and destined us to attain to higher heights, surely He created in us all that we need. Choose your hair style, ANY hairstyle, because you like it. Not to cover up a beautiful natural work.

As far as I’m concerned, this debate is not over.

Hype about Americanah:

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PS: Chimamanda if your reading, coffee sometime? I’ll even pay!


24 Sep

It’s been one of those weeks that I love. I’ve spent time with friends and family, done plenty of reading and managed to upgrade my phone…..finally! At the moment I’m enjoying that in-between seasons period when it’s not too cold and I can still throw on layered summer clothes with tights. The only thing I look forward to in Autumn is the rain. There is something so beautiful and peaceful about it. I don’t like being stuck in it without appropriate shoes, but I do love the sound of rain whilst in bed (with tea and biscuits). I’ve also been on the look out for winter clothing to invest in…the temperature is dropping fast. Oh, and a shout out to my lovely adopted little sisters from Church who apparently read all my posts…you guys are awesome!

Beautiful new pink orchids that sit on my window sill.

Re-reading this book…incredible writing, it was on my university reading list whilst I was there.

Admiring stylish baby clothes from Mothercare.

Hitting 4000 views on this blog, YIKES! That’s a lot of views for little old me. Thanks for all the support guys 🙂

Vogue meeting South London.

Falling in love with Zara Home. Is there any such thing as a ‘Zara home christmas gift list’?

Veg should always look this good….

This sums me up entirely…

Drive through KFC with my Dad/Uncle.

Team I-Phone.

Beautiful new Iphone case courtesy of ‘T’…thank you! Available here.

I’m on instagram….add me!

Cool treats courtesy of my friend ‘D’ from her travels in America.

New Essie nail polishes in ‘Boat House’ and ‘Watermelon’.

My new home-made cider vinegar toner that works a treat.

If you have ever wondered what the real Chioma is like, here she is. The above photo is from the outtakes of a ‘Sunday Best’. If you ask my friends I am pretty much like this all the time….

What I Want On Payday…

2 Jul

At the moment everything I want is pretty random. Welcome to Chioma land…it’s a bit of a merry-go round.

Everything I want (attire-wise) could make a cute outfit…

Because diamonds are a girls best friend…..Tiffany and Co Diamonds by the Yard Yellow Gold Stud Earrings £735 – available here

Mango Touch Ethnic Necklace £9.99 – available here

Topshop Magenta Sleeveless Peplum Top £16 – available here

Zara High Heel Platform Court Shoe £39.99 – available here

I’m a big reader and I love the classics. Thank you Penguin for creating a new selection of beautiful cloth-bound classics….I love you too…Prices start from £23.99 – available here

I’m absolutely loving made.com, an online destination to get designer home ware at great prices. This Boujis chair would look great in my bedroom. Available in a variety of colours for £169 here

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The Spotlight’s on….The Book IPhone Charger

16 Apr

So as a part creative writing graduate….I have a thing about books! Ok maybe a little more than a thing, because when people buy me book vouchers, I respect them just that teensy little bit more. I also love Apple products…because who doesn’t? The amazing ‘RIch and Brenna’ have created the most amazing IPhone charger, that looks like a book! With everything from classics to romantic books there’s something for everyone. If your life me and you struggle to find gifts for guys, this would be a great choice for an apple geek!







Prices from £31..BARGAIN!

Check out their Etsy shop at here!

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