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Miss Dior: Eau De Toilette Review

13 Mar

Hi everyone!!!! Hope your all well and smilling and happy ūüôā So remember that time I told you I was going to start doing reviews? The time has come. I love reading reviews on beauty and hair products. Luxury purchases are not an everyday occurance for me…..yet ha! When I splurge I like to do it well, on beautiful pretty things that I will always love. It’s understandable to fork out on classic basic products, because they are a massive part of your wardrobe. In the light of this, I try to read reviews on pricier products before getting my battered wallet out! Let’s get it started….woop….woop….woop?

Miss Dior Perfume Dior Cherie Perfume

Approx £55 at Harrods in-store (London)

Smells like: A sophisticated feminine scent. Pink roses, blood orange(underlying), a little earth(apparently Indonesian Patchouli?) and Spring. It’s the perfect scent for Summer, and a great ‘pick me up’ during the Winter.

Packaging: Stunning! I have enjoyed having this on my bookshelf. When it’s empty, it will be hard to part with! Having had the perfume for 5 months, the packaging has retained its look. No rusty metal or chipped edges. Good job Mr Dior.

Lasting power: Unfortunately, pretty bad. I absolutely love this scent, but the Eau De Toilette does not last long. ‘Eau de Toilette’ scents are ¬†a watered down version of ‘Perfume’ sprays. Perfume sprays contain a much higher percentage of the original oils and essences that create a scent. This is what makes perfumes more expensive. I know Eau De Toilette’s do not last very long on the skin, but my house mate didn’t know I wore it every day ūüė¶ Ouch. Kind of an essential point…

Would I recommend this: Yes. The scent and the packaging are wonderful. However, I wouldn’t recommend the Eau De Toilette version. When I repurchase it, I will buy the perfume.

Overall rating: 5/10


3 Jul

Hi lovelies! I’ve had a pretty busy couple of days….me is tired! Not too many things this time as I haven’t always had a camera, please forgive me (sad face). Nevertheless, I thought I’d let you all know what I’ve been up to, because I like you, and I think you are cool…

I’ve been urming and ahhing about this perfume for nearly 2 YEARS! After receiving a voucher,I finally decided to take the plunge. Now you might be wondering why it took so long for me to buy a perfume. This perfume is actually the first perfume I have EVER bought for myself. I’ve never been a perfume person. But lately I’ve been feeling like a scent could add a little bit of elegance….who wouldn’t want that?

Out at lunch with a friend. This pasta was super yummy!

Whilst on a walk, I saw this hanging flower basket in a not so nice area . It made me smile….God always creates beauty in the madness. Hope.

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