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Vera Wang Spring 2013

9 Jan

Who doesn’t love a bit of Vera Wang? The whimsical girl in me wants to try on every one and put pretty flowers in my hair….sigh. One of the reasons I am so in love with these dresses is that they have designs! Confused? Let me explain myself. The problem with wedding dresses is that often they are just white, nothing added nothing special. So many these days have such questionable designs. My message to brides everywhere is this:

‘If you put colour on it and it doesn’t look nice, it’s not a nice wedding dress!’

Lately Vera Wang has been showing her bridal collections in many different colours. It’s a real treat to be able to actually see her work, a lot gets missed in white.

vera wang spring 2013 karen

vera wang spring 2013 katarina

vera wang spring 2013 kathleen

vera wang spring 2013 kassia

vera wang spring 2013 wedding dress

vera wang spring 2013 kirsten



vera wang spring 2013 kaitlin

vera wang spring 2013 kaye


vera wang spring 2013 kaye


vera wang spring 2013 kendall


Whole Flower Confetti?

22 Nov

Photography by Steve Watkins Photography

Happy thanksgiving to those across the pond!

I have seen all manners of confetti. I’ve seen coloured dots, whole petals, music notes. In the grand scheme of things confetti can seem like such a small part of a wedding. But let’s face it, no wedding photography is complete without the perfect confetti shot. It’s up there with the groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle. Two people, happy and caught off guard…can’t go wrong really. Well…unless it goes up the brides nose ha!

Like so many aspects of weddings, it’s a great way to inject a couple’s stamp on the day. So new versions are always welcome.

Most of the time floral confetti is reduced to petals but LarkspurHill had a much better idea. Whole dried flowers…it’s a wonder few others have tried it. The story behind LarkspurHill is so cute.

A lady with 5 daughters and a great garden becomes very busy. After creating so many dried flowers for her daughter’s weddings, Cindy C thought she should share her produce. Good thinking Batman.

The results are incredible! On eof the best parts is that you can buy the months before the wedding and know that they will keep till the big day. We salute you Larkspur Hill.

Monique Lhuillier Engagement Rings/Buying an engagement ring online?

14 Nov

Smiles! Hope your on your way to having a good day, or buying a coffee ahaha. I’ve had this post in the pipeline for a while. One of the ideas that hadn’t  swam it’s way to the surface yet.I have always been a jewellry lover, when I was younger I was obsessed with costume jewellry. I would trawl Asian shops and markets for unusual finds. When I finally admitted to myself that I was allergic to those beauties, I got myself my first semi- fine jewellers job. Over the years the industry has opened it’s creative doors in new ways.

Monique Lhuillier is famous bridal designer  I think she is for the bride who wants more than a white dress, but without compromising on elegance.. But more on that later 😉

I happened to be passing through the Blue Nile website(lie I’m always looking at the recently bought diamond rings), and I could not believe my eyes when I saw the tag line ‘Monique Lhuillier Fine Jewellry’! Now for those of you reading this with a confused face, Blue Nile is arguably one of the most acclaimed online jewellers. If your anything like me, you are wary of buying luxury items online. So the idea of buying something as important as an engagement ring digitally is just a no no!

However, having seen Blue Nile rings in person and had many conversations, I am yet to hear a bad review. There are clear advantages. These include the ability to educate, select diamonds and settings according to your own requirements while you are in comfort of your own home. Let’s not forget that most engagement rings are bought by men. Online shopping cancels out a daunting shopping experience for them (bless their cotton socks.) Blue Nile offer a money-back guarantee on rings that don’t meet expectation. Despite the fact that there are plenty of images available of your ring.

There are also clear disadvantages. You (or in traditional scenarios your partner) loose out on the in-store experience.

Obviously, you pay for the ring before seeing it yourself. I could go on and on.

But none of these things mean anything if you get the design of your dreams. It’s like finding the perfect pair of shoes to fit a difficult outfit. But instead of wearing it till your shoes are worn in, you wear it for a lifetime.  I am not completely sold on online jewellry. But if anything was to convince me…these rings will. They are quite simply breathtaking. Reminiscent of the floral features in Monique Lhuillier’s wedding dresses. All those diamonds….ahhh.

The real question is…..would you do it? Check them out for yourself!


An alternative guestbook…

30 Oct

Why hello there 🙂 If you are living in Britain at the moment, you may have noticed the completely random sudden drop in the temperature. I need to go grab myself some gloves hahah! If you are not living in Britain, I apologise….we British LOVE to talk about the weather. It is indeed a true stereotype. Now…..onwards and upwards!

I love wedding guest books. Usually at a wedding they are the thing you put off doing because the table is ALWAYS busy…and a lot of the time I reckon people forget to write in them. Unsure of what a wedding guest book is? Wedding guest books are a book that wedding guests write happy notes for the newlyweds in.

For any future brides looking to spruce that tradition up a bit….stay with me! Most guestbooks are filled with ‘best wishes, you look beautiful, have a great life, the cake was nice’…..the end. But what about asking your nearest and dearest to give you advice on the marriage(which is what your celebrating anyway?).

Check out this from the fabulously talented GoldFoxPaper

Advice for newlyweds printable guestbook £4.48/$7 at GoldFoxPaper on Etsy

The best part? They are printable…so you can print as many as you want! Did someone say bargain?

Feel like some music…this is my soundtrack at the moment! Doesn’t she look like Tina Fey?

That’s that stuff I DON’T like….

22 Oct

The thing about bloggers and vloggers,  is that they tend to constantly talk about things they like. We love to recommend, advice and encourage you to buy stuff! But what about those things that tick us off!?

I saw this tag going around Youtube and thought it would be fun! At first I couldn’t think of any but as soon as I thought of one…..it kept flowing ahaaha! So here goes…

(Getting ready to kick some butt….)

1. I can’t stand when people treat others as if they are less than them. We all have skeletons, skin, blood and bones….you are never better than someone else. Unless your an angel and have wings.

2. When people borrow my lip balm and dig it out! I have a massive fear of getting cold sores and have taken great measures to prevent getting them. These two things are one of the many reasons I don’t share lip products.

3. When people purposefully barge past me on the tube THEN mutter ‘sorry’. Don’t bother saying sorry if you meant to do it! Also, when people say sorry and don’t mean it. There is no point.

4. When I pay for an expensive product and it’s only half full. If I wanted that to happen, I would have tipped out half the contents at the beauty counter and asked to pay half the price…..argh…

5. When I can’t find any shoes that fit me comfortably. I am a size 8 with wide feet, this is very annoying.

6. When people complain about the cost of luxury items but will spend hundreds of pounds a year for a couple of extra channels on their TV. And have the cheek to judge my choices? ‘Better’ will tend to have a higher price tag. And if your wise your price tag will be hand-stitched(Hermes anyone?)

7. When guys try to act like something they are not. Be honest, it’s okay to cry sometimes. Honesty is attractive….I will gladly pass you a tissue.

8. I am pretty much a happy-go-lucky person. I am a morning person, I wake up happy. But when people take advantage of this…not cool.

9. I don’t tend to like sarcasm(because I always feel like it takes the mick out of things)…but I appreciate wit.

10.  I don’t like HATE when guys ask for my number in the street. My friends think it’s flattering, I find it utterly embarassing. I also reckon that if you can ask me on my way to the corner shop, you’ve had the confidence to ask 10 other girls. Doesn’t make me feel special. I feel bad because some of these guys could be nice…but still.

11.I don’t like when my hair feels dry and when my scalp is itchy. I hate the ‘weave’ pat….you guys know what I mean.

12. When people ask me when I’m getting my hair done if my afro is out. If my hair was straight and down my back you wouldn’t ask me silly questions. I don’t ask these people  serious beauty questions….because they don’t appreciate me like God intended. I smile but take note.

13.. I hate that the nail polish on my left hand always looks great but my right hand looks like a hot MESS!

14.. I can’t stand ill fitting suits on men…because my love for men in suits is deep. But I hate the look of myself in a suit. Double standards huh?

14. I can’t stand bad hair-dressers because I have had SO many bad encounters. Seriously considering making all future hairdressers take a test first.

15. I don’t like people messing with my Faith, family, friends and ambitions…..momma bear will fight back!

16. I don’t like roller coasters or scary movies! I just don’t understand why you would pay someone to scare you! Horror movies are a NO GO area. The way I feel to start praying during some of those adverts, jeez!

17. Wasting a good outfit on a event that doesn’t meet expectations. I don’t look good all the time…if I do, don’t waste my efforts.

18. People that only contact you when they need something. I am not an emergency hotline…don’t treat me like one.

19. Snakes, worms, centipedes, slugs…just no….

20. When white clothes aren’t white anymore, sigh.

Am thinking of doing a ‘things I love’ post, to level out the vibes ha!

What don’t you like? Comment and tell me?!

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