The Spotlight’s On…..The Great Gatsby

2 Jun

I love a stylish production! Some of my favourites have included The Devil Wears Prada, Mad Men and Downton Abbey. This Great Gatsby features Leonardo DiCaprio and some incredibly thought through costume and set design. It might be familiar for most of us as the book was written by that famous writer F.Scott Fitzgerald…you know the one! I think it would make an incredible theme for a wedding…


Spotlight: Post Teaser on Mad Men Season 5

27 Mar

Draper is BACK!!!

For those of you who have never watched Mad Men, it is one of the most stylish programs around! It is set in a New York advertisement agency in the 1960’s and is filled with drama, heat and at times a little deceit. I will be doing a style post on Mad Men Season 5 when we see more but until then I hope this video makes you laugh..and say..what?


Spotlight: The Making of The Louis Vuittton 2012 Ad Campaign

15 Mar

So…I’m loving Spring Summer 2012. Fashion has changed so much in the last deacade. As a kid I remember when there was one trend allowed at a time but now there are multiple trends and micro-trends. Theres something for everyone, and being ‘In’ is no longer exclusive! One of the trends this season is

PRETTY PASTELS and Louis Vuitton have nailed it! With a sweet shop appeal and pretty lace details it is incredibly detailed with pieces that will last for seasons to come.

Channelling LADYLIKE PASTELS through Oasis…

Pearl Trio Set

£6 @ Oasis

Multi-Row Pearl Necklace

£25 @ Oasis

Victoria Lace Dress

£80 @ Oasis

Mid Pink Celia Peep Toe Platform Shoe

£45 @ Oasis

Metal Clutch Bag

£30.00 @ Oasis


Spotlight: Hello red red red box of Cartier!

13 Mar

I have to say that I find it interesting that as little kids we love massive boxes but as we grow up the best things come in small packages and beautiful little boxes. Having worked in Fine Jewellery, I love absolutely LOVE it and few things get me more excited than something shiny with a hallmark. Cartier is a big favourite with one of the most diverse clienteles of any brand. This video isn’t an advert, its more like an artistic mini-film. It tries to represent the brands changes, design influences and clients from around the world. It is stunning…

My favourite piece….among many..

18 Carat Yellow Gold at £3,925

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