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Succulents at Weddings

15 May
First of all…..what in the world is a succulent? The funny thing is that I’ve always known what these unusual flowers are called, but never why? Succulents are plants that are thicker in appearance so that they can store water in harsher climates. Heaven thinks of everything!
succulent wedding flowers
Succulent Boutannaires by Kelly Oshiro Design captured by Delesie Photography
Succulents are for the home grown bride and groom. For the couple planning a rustic inspired wedding, or looking to add some roots to a modern day.
succulent wedding bouquet
Succulent Bouquet captured by Simple Colour Photography
succulent wedding bouquet
Succulent Bouquet captured by  Picotte Weddings and created by Effloresce Floral
I love how both floral designers have blended fresher and brighter looking flowers with the succulents. Pairing the bright’s with the muted tones stop the bouquet looking archaic.
succulent wedding favour
Succulent Wedding Favours by Tricianewell
Don’t forget to share,they make pretty wedding favours too!

Bag of the Week= Michael Kors ‘Selma’

10 May

There isn’t really much to say about this beauty. It’s just gorgeous…..end off.

selma michael kors bag

But like all things, I get on these bandwagons late. Might have to try and pick it up in New York when I go there. It’s is so much cheaper in the U.S.A and most of the great colours sold out in the UK weeks ago.They retail around £320 in the UK, which is a fabulous price point for a great designers leather bag.

My problem with diffusion lines, is that a lot of the time they leave out the luxury bits that made the label so famous. Then they plaster the brand name all over it which ruins all elegance! All in the name of making it more ‘affordable’, they make it tacky. So a lot of the time, I’m better off at Zara!

I currently own no designer bags, so it takes something pretty beautiful to make me want to spend my hard earned cash.

I am showing the orange and green because they are the only colours I really love. If your going to spend the money, be daring!

Available here:

John Lewis





6 May

I just had one of those weeks that I’m so glad it’s over. The saturday before my card got swallowed by a card machine, so I spent the week without easy access cash. Of course this was just before a hair appointment so I had to get my friend to pay for my hair. Then my  hair is done woo, but then spent the week watching four of the weave tracks all but fall out. No one should pay for that….pin anyone? Then Friday I confirm that my phone is definately lost/stolen, having searched for what seems like an eternity. Cannot get through to the insurance company till next week and urgh! None of those things were big enough to cause a ruckus individually but add it to tiredness and frustrationville and voila! Truthfully I didn’t even want to go to Church on Sunday. But as usual God showed up and cheered me right up again. Of course it’s not up and Hollywood fixed, but God gives us the tools to handle life. I reckon the greatest is patience……and cake of course. Saying that He also reminded me to rest. As this is a scheduled post from the night before I’ll try to type quickly.

Last week I loved…..


this deliciousness by Ituen Basi. Saw this forever ago but a good Yoruba friend of mine showed it to me again and told me it has a name lol. ‘Oleku’ is a revival of a Nigerian 70’s style that has made a comeback. I’m getting one done at the moment. Still trying to find shoes to match. It is really hard to know what shoes to pick!

Booked tickets to this incredble place, drumroll! dum dum dum dum……….


The home of Friends, fashionable Sex and the City, yellow taxi cabs and way too many lightbulbs. NEW YORK BABY! When I was younger I loved to travel and signed up to every trip I could scrape the money for. Somewhere along the line I got busy. Seeing the world starts with one trip, thanks to relatives who live abroad.

afro kinky

Fallen in love with this hairstyle, with the right accessories or a fresh flower it would make a gorgeous bridal do!

This youtuber makes me laugh so so so much. An evening playing catchup on his old videos was awesome. Thanks little sis for recommending him.

religion tie dye maxi dress

This dress by Religion on ASOS. It’s different from my usual taste but I like it…

Have a great week everyone and remember to search for the lesson in the challenge 😉

Let me know what you think, what are you looking forward to this week?

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