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7 Jan


Hello from me and Mr Penguin.

Honestly, it’s been a pretty challenging couple of weeks. For a start I had a bug with a cold that turned into a flu which turned my throat into a scratch board. Then medication that was suppose to work that didn’t (exactly why I hate medicine). Moral of the story is go and get the flu jab.

There has also been so much good. There was Christmas which was awesome and of course followed a great entry into the new year. Between those two events I ate my body weight in chocolate, chicken and supermalt. I have been thinking so much about this year and what I want to achieve. I don’t believe in luck as I reckon we make our own way. Normally I have new years resolutions all planned and written in my best handwriting at the beginning of the year. However, this year it is taking me a while to collate all that I believe God has planned for the year to come. I reckon this is because I’m really thinking and praying about it and not just writing good stuff down. So here are a couple of things I’ve thinking about. What kind of resolutions are you making, tweet me on twitter or write them down in the comments. My list isn’t 100% certain so we can share 😉

Some of the things on my list:

1. Truly dedicate my time and heart to God. Not just read a couple of verses a day, listen to a couple of worship songs and try to feel warm inside.

2. STOP PROCRASTINATING, urgh it is such an ugly habit that leads to so much regret. Totally not worth it.

3. Spend more time working on my hobbies (like my blog)and continue writing. Stop trying to only post ‘perfect’ posts, they don’t exist. Hopefully get a short story published this year. Any literary magazines for takers?….anyone 😉


4. Spend more time with my family and friends this year. My circle of friends has got smaller. Not because I purposefully stopped talking to anyone, but because it just happened. I love to meet new people, but I’m happiest with lovely people around me. People that just take take take are just exhausting.

5. Look after my hair, skin and body and stop complaining!

I’m like: ‘Argh my skin so sensitive’?

God’s like: ‘No, you just don’t know how to take care of it.’ Ouchy mouchy.

6. Be more open. The ‘I’m fine’ thing needs to STOP. If I need help this year I will just ask and not just suffer in silence. Silly me.

7. Stay away from weaves. They always go wrong for me. My scalp rarely likes them…..don’t know why I bother trying.

8. Avoid buying dresses and wear more separates. I can sometimes find buying bottoms hard as they never fit my urm…hip/butt area ha! But dressing up is fun when it involves more creativity I reckon.

9. Save up and buy myself an incredibly awesome camera for my birthday in August.

10. Eat healthier. More fruits, more veg and less sugar 😦


So what else have I been up to in the last couple of weeks?

Sneezy times...



Bistro pub steak with 2 good friends, this was incredible but was not enough ha!


Excuse the chipping nails but what Christmas cuteness from the kids from Church!!??


Wrapping up someone’s first Christmas present…


The annual 25min agony over which Christmas card’s match my wrapping paper best.


Mocktail making at a December birthday!

Have A Merry Christmas…

25 Dec

christian louboutin tree

by Susie Rea Photography

……..Because Louboutin couldn’t exactly have a normal tree.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of my kind and lovely readers for reading this blog. My family is relaxing on the sofa right now while one of us(no names mentioned), is talking over Downton Abbey. This Christmas special is so beautiful. We are looking at my mum’s graduation pictures and talking about bits and bobs as you do at Christmas. So much has gone right this year, despite the usual challenges. I am grateful. Thank you God for an awesome Christmas. I have a new lipstick to try, new clothes and a tonnes of presents in my flat still to open. By the way, I am in my pajama’s. We usually dressed up but it just didn’t happen this year! Hope you were good this year and got something nice 😉

Lately I’ve been thinking…

20 Dec


about a lot of things. I can’t get the children of the Connecticut shooting out of my head. So many children. Everyday something seems to be remind me of it. I can’t quite remember what it was like to be their age, but I remember what my siblings were like. When your the eldest child, things just stick. Like who was whose favourite toy, snack etc etc. Most of all I remember their innocence. They will never know what it feels like to enjoy our world. My prayers are with them constantly.

These situations remind me of my helplessness as a human being. They remind me of how much I need God. They remind me of the important things in life. Who doesn’t love sparkles, fresh tags and new crisp clothing? The problem with holding onto them too tightly is that we start looking towards ourselves and stop looking at the greatness around us. Faith(Christianity for me), family and friendships. Aspects of our life with greater/eternal impact.

This Christmas, among there will be stuffing and many gifts. I hope that you get a chance to ponder on the greater. The most important things in life cannot be seen with the naked eye…

Blogmas Gift Guide: Cute slippers everywhere

10 Dec

‘Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…’

Hi lovely people, hope you are very very well. It’s nearly Christmas time, yay!  Yes so I missed a day of Blogmas( I hold my hands up in surrender, knees drop to the ground, DON’T SHOOT!). Apologies, and Sunday is Church day, if you follow regularly you’ll already know I don’t post then. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me. And I’m feeling gooooooood!

So on with with the Christmas giving happy feelings. My mum is a pretty generous woman. She  is not perfect( as no one is), but she just happens to think about people….a lot. In fact at Christmas and birthday’s she never has to buy a gift. Hidden in the back of one of her wardrobes(don’t tell her I know) are bags of things she buys for us/friends throughout the entire year. Lots of little things that make me and my siblings feel special. She is super generous with her money throughout the year….we just happen to see it all at Christmas. Now why did I tell you all that long winded story? Well….one of the items that popped up so many Christmas’s was slippers.

 Fair enough they aren’t especially heartfelt…but if they look as cute as these who wouldn’t use them? Stocking filler?

christmas present ideas


topshop ermine slipper


Topshop Ermine Slipper £14 and available at Topshop

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