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The Spotlight’s On….The Queen

5 Jun

Here in England there are massive celebrations underway celebrating 60 years of our Queen being on the throne. That’s an incredible amount of time and I think She has done a great job! I’m not sure about you but have you noticed that the Queen always LOOKS good?….think about it.Vogue recently put together a piece on our Queens extensive and colourful wardrobe. It seems like She got to every trend first! Hope your enjoying the blue, red and white where ever you are today….

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The Spotlight’s On…Harrods at Jubilee

29 May

So, for those of you not in England, you should know that London has gone Jubilee mad! In celebration of our incredible Queen’s 60 years on the  throne….pretty cool huh? As a result there are flags and celebrations everywhere which makes for an incredible fashion opportunity. Harrods (that famous London department store) ran a competition to decide who who create their store window and Fay ‘s design got created! Isn’t it incredible? You know I’m all about the details…so I’ve provided some close-ups….enjoy!

Ending with a little comedy…

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