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CakeStop: A New Adventure

6 Aug

So I know I have been super busy. There have been a couple of long gaps between posts! A project has been underway that I can finally share with you. Drum roll please, dum dum dum dum dum dum dum TING! I Introducing…

london bakery

My wonderful new adventure with my good friend and (now)business partner Dupe. This has been a long time in the making, as we have always loved baking together. It was about time we decided to make things official!Chocolate Cage Fruit Spray FB
raspberry birthday cake

Me and Dupe(my business partner) are crazy about good tasting cake. Some of you may find that silly! Unfortunately, the more beautiful the cake design, the less likely it is to have a great home made taste and quality ingredients. We believe cakes should taste as great as they look.

Ombre Baby Shower Cake FB

Smiley Face emoticon cake

bridal shower cake

Raspberry and cream cake

Every now and then I may share some of the yummies coming out of our oven. I am super excited about this.

Check out our Facebook page and show us some love ūüôā


Life is too short to restrict your dreams to your imagination. Thank you for your support as always.

Chi xxx


Succulents at Weddings

15 May
First of all…..what in the world is a succulent? The funny thing is that I’ve always known what these unusual flowers are called, but never why? Succulents are plants that are thicker in appearance so that they can store water in harsher climates. Heaven thinks of everything!
succulent wedding flowers
Succulent Boutannaires by Kelly Oshiro Design captured by Delesie Photography
Succulents are for the home grown bride and groom. For the couple planning a rustic inspired wedding, or looking to add some roots to a modern day.
succulent wedding bouquet
Succulent Bouquet captured by Simple Colour Photography
succulent wedding bouquet
Succulent Bouquet captured by  Picotte Weddings and created by Effloresce Floral
I love how both floral designers have blended fresher and brighter looking flowers with the succulents. Pairing the bright’s with the muted tones stop the bouquet looking archaic.
succulent wedding favour
Succulent Wedding Favours by Tricianewell
Don’t forget to share,they make pretty wedding favours too!

Too much? No! Claire Pettibone Bridal Collection ‘An Earthly Paradise’

7 Feb

Hi wonderful people! Hope you are all alive, kicking and doing a better job getting out of bed than I am. Yes, I am still in bed which is pretty unlike me but it’s so cold outside and my bed is SO toasty! Ahhh…. The only thing is, I’ve got to got to get ready for work at some point. The colder it gets the more I want to stay indoors, am I the only one? And besides the cold, my new wisdom tooth hurts! On the bright side, it could be so much worse. I’m hoping the wisdom tooth brings some wisdom with it.

Lets start the day with some loveliness shall we?


Claire Pettibone S2013 Collection

When I first saw Claire Pettibone’s bridal wear, I melted just a little bit. The fabric,the design, it’s all very atmospheric. I have to admit I was late on this bandwagon. Pettibone became an even bigger deal when a familiar face on the bloggersphere got married in one of her gowns.

cupcakes and cashmere emily schuman wedding claire pettibone

Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere

Photography: Max Wanger Photography

Claire Pettibone S2013 Collection
I know a lot of my friends think the detail is too fussy. Regardless, of this no one could deny how elegant Pettibone brides are. Stay with me, there is a point to this long winded typing. A lot of people are unnecessarily put off intricate gowns by runway pictures and photo shoots. Fashion designers have a creative licence to build up a feeling or theme. Just remember that you are only taking away the dress, not the background, headdress or tiara.


Styling around a bridal collection is suggestive not definitive. ¬†A beautiful dress is a beautiful dress. The rest is up to you.¬†At this moment brides all over the world are seeking out dresses for the busy summer wedding period.¬†Give yourself plenty of options and try on EVERYTHING. ¬† I once worked in a jewellers. It would be impossible to count the amount of times women walked out of the shop with things they swore they would hate. The moral of the story is don’t always trust your first response.



Claire Pettibone S2013 Collection

Claire Pettibone S2013 Collection

Glimpse and Overthinking it….

26 Nov

On the way to work.

Love how this guy is casually rocking coral beads.

One giant yorkshire pudding with swede and carrot, mash, gravy and awesomeness.

Stopping by my local Carribean takeaway for a beef pattie and cocoa bread nommy!

Coffee and muffin with a friend ūüėČ

Saw these flowers in a pub garden of all places. Just happened to be walking by, isn’t it incredible how much beauty is around us!? Weird huh?

I am one of those people who over think EVERYTHING. Situations, comments, tasks. When given the chance, my mind will run wild. I find dressing for events pretty difficult when I have tonnes of time to plan. Why? Because it gives me more time to freak out! I’m better off when I have 15 minutes to be washed and dressed.

Coco Chanel famously once said ‘always take of the last thing you put on’, I couldn’t agree more. I’m going to my friends wedding this week(yay!), so obviously I need a new outfit :-). I have FINALLY settled on a dress….

Zara Fitted Studio Dress £49.99 at Zara

Now I don’t know whether to go for funky shoes or classic. Earrings or necklace. ¬†I will post pictures up of the finished outfit…when I finally make up my mind.

Whole Flower Confetti?

22 Nov

Photography by Steve Watkins Photography

Happy thanksgiving to those across the pond!

I have seen all manners of confetti. I’ve seen coloured dots, whole petals, music notes. In the grand scheme of things confetti can seem like such a small part of a wedding. But let’s face it, no wedding photography is complete without the perfect confetti shot. It’s up there with the groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle. Two people, happy and caught off guard…can’t go wrong really. Well…unless it goes up the brides nose ha!

Like so many aspects of weddings, it’s a great way to inject a couple’s stamp on the day. So new versions are always welcome.

Most of the time floral confetti is reduced to petals but LarkspurHill¬†had a much better idea. Whole dried flowers…it’s a wonder few others have tried it. The story behind LarkspurHill is so cute.

A lady with 5 daughters and a great garden becomes very busy. After creating so many dried flowers for her daughter’s weddings, Cindy C thought she should share her produce. Good thinking Batman.

The results are incredible! On eof the best parts is that you can buy the months before the wedding and know that they will keep till the big day. We salute you Larkspur Hill.

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