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30 Apr

Hello everyone…and a special hello to all the new subscribers! Welcome aboard! It makes me smile when the numbers go up. StudioChi figured it was only fair that you get to know a little more about the girl behind the posts. So here goes….

Thing 1: My name is…Chioma Ononuju. In case your wondering where in the world the name is from…it’s a Nigerian name..because I’m Nigerian.

Thing 2: I’m a Christian…so I think that God and brightly coloured Bibles are pretty awesome. I think God created a beautiful world and this blog is about celebrating ‘all things bright and beautiful’…..see what I did there? hee hee…okay a little sad…moving on swiftly….

Thing 3. I love to laugh and have a crazy amount of energy…no boringness allowed on my ship!

Thing 4.I’m a Londoner…it’s a great city, it’s an awesome city…it’s my city. I’m also Nigerian and very proudly so! 

Thing 5. I have a massive sweet tooth and I love cake…it is very important to me. Little secret…I’m slightly suspicious of people who don’t like cake. Simply because WHO doesn’t like cake? I love Laduree macaroons, they have a beautiful concession in Harrods(London) that I love. Though if your reading this and you don’t like cake…I’ll make an exception. I also bake them…nom nom

Thing 6. I have a degree in Creative Arts: Creative Writing and Textile Design…

Thing 7. I believe in style not fashion… that’s the reason vintage items still work.This blog is a culmination of all the things I love…so I hope there’s something for everyone!

Thing 8. At the moment I’m loving the following TV programmes…New Girl, Hart of Dixie, Grey’s Anatomy and Friends (I’ve never stopped liking Friends…I never will).

Thing 9. I wear minimal make up…If I’m not going somewhere special, I let my clothes do the talking. But I’d love to know more about it for when I do feel like sprucing up…as my knowledge isn’t the best…

Thing 10. I believe a woman’s under garments should be as beautiful as her over garments ….it’s only fair.

Thing 11. I have a huge crush on favourite are peonies, dahlias and hydrangeas..

Thing 11.I’m an artist.

Thing 12. I’m glad your taking the time to read this…

The Wedding Spotlight’s on….The Wedding of Stephanie Okereke and Linus Idahosa!

29 Apr

You may or may not be aware of the beautiful Stephanie Okereke. She is not only one of the Africa’s most post popular actresses, but Stephanie is also a model, writer and a producer. Busy lady isn’t she? All of those things did not stop her having one of the most beautiful weddings I have seen in a long time. Stephanie is Nigerian, and as a fellow Nigerian I have to say it’s pretty unusual for a Nigerian living in Nigeria chose to have her wedding elsewhere. I have to commend her for it! She avoided all the stress and press so that she could have a unique intimate wedding.

This wedding video reminds me of a french romantic film…almost feel like i should reach for popcorn! I’d love to cite whoever created this INCREDIBLE wedding video, but with no avail so if you know this videographer please let me know! Underneath the video, I’ve highlighted a couple of details I’ve loved about this wedding….enjoy!

The Dress

Stephanie Okereke wore the above gown by: Elie by Elie Saab for Pronovias see here

So ,when I was younger, one of the first designers that got me interested in Fashion was Elie Saab. In fact, I always said that if I got married ( I wanted to be a totally independent, high powered creative industry leader), I’d wear an Elie Saab. Elie Saab is one of the big leagues so a wedding dress by them would cost a whole lot of £’s! Fortunately, Saab’s partnership with the legendary Provonias has meant one of His gowns is within reach…..WOOP!

The Floral’s

Image by Norman Walsh via here!

Stephanie Okereke picked orchids, which are becoming a popular bouquet choice. Orchids with a pink middle are so pretty! Tres chic huh?


What’s Going Down The Aisle?….Hope and Grace Headpieces…

25 Apr

So I came across these amazing headpieces by British company Hope and Grace and couldn’t help sharing them with you! They are void of the over the top syndrome that tends to happen with wedding headpieces. Each one whimsically elegant and incredibly romantic. Plus, their neutral colours mean they would suit a variety of bridal dresses. These pieces would be great in an engagement shoot, bridal outfit or added during the wedding day photography later on in day. Winner all round!

Prices start from £105 and are available> here

The Spotlight’s On…

23 Apr

Introducing a new way to shop online…!  Great fashion, great prices. Here are some of my favourites…

Cheap Monday £37.95 @

Rosie & Roses/Rosario Metal Collar £25.95 @

Urban Expression/ City Lights Rust Coloured Bag £92.95 @

These shoes are  a little experimental…but I think in this case different is oh so good!

Blink/Raso Satin Platform Colourful Heels £33.95 @

Jeane Blush/Mathilde Sweater £40.95 @

What I Want On Payday….All Things Bright and Beautiful !

22 Apr

Who hasn’t heard that hymn? Well at the moment it’s all about bright items on the catwalks, in store windows, magazines..the list is endless! Here in England, we’re still hoping for sunny weather, but I don’t think we have to wait for summer to brighten our wardrobes! Though I hope we don’t have to wait for too long…


1. Emerald Green Split Maxi-Dress £44.99 @ Mango

2.Yellow Chiffon Dip Hem Dress £42 @ Topshop

3. Strawberry Trafa Shopper Bag £19.99 @ Zara

4. Maxi Skirt with Broderie Inserts £45 @ ASOS

5. Woven Ballerina £39.99 @ Zara

6.Yellow Bow Detail Laptop Sleeve £49 @ Ted Baker

7. RIch Red Spring Silk Ulitity Shirt £87 @ French Connection

8. Falabella Shaggy Deer Clutch £530 @ Stella McCartney

9. Galler High Heel in Medium Blue £75 @ Aldo

10. Oasis Sandstorm Ring £14 @ Oasis

11. Wide Leg Trousers by Chloe £550 @ Harrods

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