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Whole Flower Confetti?

22 Nov

Photography by Steve Watkins Photography

Happy thanksgiving to those across the pond!

I have seen all manners of confetti. I’ve seen coloured dots, whole petals, music notes. In the grand scheme of things confetti can seem like such a small part of a wedding. But let’s face it, no wedding photography is complete without the perfect confetti shot. It’s up there with the groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle. Two people, happy and caught off guard…can’t go wrong really. Well…unless it goes up the brides nose ha!

Like so many aspects of weddings, it’s a great way to inject a couple’s stamp on the day. So new versions are always welcome.

Most of the time floral confetti is reduced to petals but LarkspurHill had a much better idea. Whole dried flowers…it’s a wonder few others have tried it. The story behind LarkspurHill is so cute.

A lady with 5 daughters and a great garden becomes very busy. After creating so many dried flowers for her daughter’s weddings, Cindy C thought she should share her produce. Good thinking Batman.

The results are incredible! On eof the best parts is that you can buy the months before the wedding and know that they will keep till the big day. We salute you Larkspur Hill.


StudioChi: A New Chapter

16 Oct

Why, hello there lovely people! Hope you are all well.

For all of you wonderful people who find me the least bit interesting, you are probably wondering where in the world I’ve been. I promise you I have been missing but still in action. Some times I take(find) the time to evaluate my life. I think of how I can make my relationships better, discover more of God’s beauty in my world and enjoy my time more. I hope this doesn’t sound incredibly morbid, ha! I’ve been doing the same thing with this blog. Reading over your comments, responses and likes(I check EVERY single one) and considering how I can make this blog better.

Every now and then I get that blogger envy. Any one who has ever blogged at some point must know about this. You look at other blogs and think mine should do this, look like this and be like that. I have realised that this only happens when your trying to make your blog fit into a mould. Every blog is unique because every blogger is unique. A blog should be an expression of it’s writers tastes and interests. I love sharing the things I discover with you guys. Style tips and tricks shouldn’t be exclusive and if I am lucky enough to find something, I’ll share it!  So after much ado…this happened….

Studio Chi

Life. Style. Weddings

It encapsulates all of my babbling without constricting me.

Buckle up…;-) and let me know what you think about the new chapter/new look blog!

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‘Decorated With a Million Flowers’…A Debut At Dior

12 Jul

It was sad to see Galliano leave Dior…but there’s a new guy in town. I have to admit, when I first heard Raf Simon’s was taking over at Dior I silently thought(to avoid embarrassment)…who? Now for those of you who as confused as I was, Raf Simon’s was previously creative director at Jil Sander and has now taken over the same role at Dior.

For Raf Simon’s debut, he took it back to Dior basics….classic feminitiy. What better way to say it than with flowers?    One of the best things about creativity is the process in which it is created.

I think Simon’s has done an incredible job of this collection….it is SO beautiful! Welcome to the House of Dior Raf, I reckon Christian would be proud.

(Doesn’t this jacket say powerful and graceful all at the same time?)

What I Want On Payday…

2 Jul

At the moment everything I want is pretty random. Welcome to Chioma land…it’s a bit of a merry-go round.

Everything I want (attire-wise) could make a cute outfit…

Because diamonds are a girls best friend…..Tiffany and Co Diamonds by the Yard Yellow Gold Stud Earrings £735 – available here

Mango Touch Ethnic Necklace £9.99 – available here

Topshop Magenta Sleeveless Peplum Top £16 – available here

Zara High Heel Platform Court Shoe £39.99 – available here

I’m a big reader and I love the classics. Thank you Penguin for creating a new selection of beautiful cloth-bound classics….I love you too…Prices start from £23.99 – available here

I’m absolutely loving made.com, an online destination to get designer home ware at great prices. This Boujis chair would look great in my bedroom. Available in a variety of colours for £169 here

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The Wedding Spotlight’s On…Beautiful Bridesmaids Gifts Day 3

20 Jun

Is it really day three already! This week is flying by isn’t it! As you may or may not already know, this week I’m bringing you my pick of bridesmaids gift’s. If your observant you’ll note that every single one would be great in photos on the big day!

Older bridesmaids can be tricky. They either have everything or may warrant things out of your price range! In this kind of situation, I’d always go for a sentimental keepsake. My favourite idea is a framed quote or saying that you know they will appreciate. Perhaps even incorporating floral imagery or colours from your wedding?

Remember that few things are more personal than a commissioned piece. You could get an artist/illustrater like me to commission something like the image below. I created this as favours for a bridal shower….

The possibilities are endless!

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