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That’s that stuff I DON’T like….

22 Oct

The thing about bloggers and vloggers,  is that they tend to constantly talk about things they like. We love to recommend, advice and encourage you to buy stuff! But what about those things that tick us off!?

I saw this tag going around Youtube and thought it would be fun! At first I couldn’t think of any but as soon as I thought of one…..it kept flowing ahaaha! So here goes…

(Getting ready to kick some butt….)

1. I can’t stand when people treat others as if they are less than them. We all have skeletons, skin, blood and bones….you are never better than someone else. Unless your an angel and have wings.

2. When people borrow my lip balm and dig it out! I have a massive fear of getting cold sores and have taken great measures to prevent getting them. These two things are one of the many reasons I don’t share lip products.

3. When people purposefully barge past me on the tube THEN mutter ‘sorry’. Don’t bother saying sorry if you meant to do it! Also, when people say sorry and don’t mean it. There is no point.

4. When I pay for an expensive product and it’s only half full. If I wanted that to happen, I would have tipped out half the contents at the beauty counter and asked to pay half the price…..argh…

5. When I can’t find any shoes that fit me comfortably. I am a size 8 with wide feet, this is very annoying.

6. When people complain about the cost of luxury items but will spend hundreds of pounds a year for a couple of extra channels on their TV. And have the cheek to judge my choices? ‘Better’ will tend to have a higher price tag. And if your wise your price tag will be hand-stitched(Hermes anyone?)

7. When guys try to act like something they are not. Be honest, it’s okay to cry sometimes. Honesty is attractive….I will gladly pass you a tissue.

8. I am pretty much a happy-go-lucky person. I am a morning person, I wake up happy. But when people take advantage of this…not cool.

9. I don’t tend to like sarcasm(because I always feel like it takes the mick out of things)…but I appreciate wit.

10.  I don’t like HATE when guys ask for my number in the street. My friends think it’s flattering, I find it utterly embarassing. I also reckon that if you can ask me on my way to the corner shop, you’ve had the confidence to ask 10 other girls. Doesn’t make me feel special. I feel bad because some of these guys could be nice…but still.

11.I don’t like when my hair feels dry and when my scalp is itchy. I hate the ‘weave’ pat….you guys know what I mean.

12. When people ask me when I’m getting my hair done if my afro is out. If my hair was straight and down my back you wouldn’t ask me silly questions. I don’t ask these people  serious beauty questions….because they don’t appreciate me like God intended. I smile but take note.

13.. I hate that the nail polish on my left hand always looks great but my right hand looks like a hot MESS!

14.. I can’t stand ill fitting suits on men…because my love for men in suits is deep. But I hate the look of myself in a suit. Double standards huh?

14. I can’t stand bad hair-dressers because I have had SO many bad encounters. Seriously considering making all future hairdressers take a test first.

15. I don’t like people messing with my Faith, family, friends and ambitions…..momma bear will fight back!

16. I don’t like roller coasters or scary movies! I just don’t understand why you would pay someone to scare you! Horror movies are a NO GO area. The way I feel to start praying during some of those adverts, jeez!

17. Wasting a good outfit on a event that doesn’t meet expectations. I don’t look good all the time…if I do, don’t waste my efforts.

18. People that only contact you when they need something. I am not an emergency hotline…don’t treat me like one.

19. Snakes, worms, centipedes, slugs…just no….

20. When white clothes aren’t white anymore, sigh.

Am thinking of doing a ‘things I love’ post, to level out the vibes ha!

What don’t you like? Comment and tell me?!


Beating the Blues…

18 Aug

This post is a little unusual….stay with me! The thing about being human is that at some point in time, our superwoman/man state of mind slips a wee bit. Recently, I’d been in the ‘blues’. Strangely, when I’m not myself I can still do all the things I normally do, laugh, smile, joke and dance. I am private by nature so very VERY few people can tell how I really am. I find it incredible how we can put off dealing with issues of the heart! I found myself feeling sad about all the ‘what-ifs’.I thought I’d share because maybe(just maybe) I might help someone reading this. Now I’m not a qualified clever-cloggs, but sharing is caring.

Disclaimer: This may start off spiritual…but I’m not me without God…and of course cake and a few shopping bags!

1. Spending time with God….a.k.a. praying. But not always on my knees like the stereotype, that hurts and gives you questionable looking knees!

2. Meditating on good things I already have. Loving my now…not hating the now and just enduring till the future gets here.

3. Eating Oreo Cookies and Cream ice-cream late at night.

4. Having friends a.k.a. people that know when your faltering and pick you up even when your miles away. And then do everything to be right next to you when you really need them.

5. Having a good cry….it’s necessary sometimes….grab a tissue!

I think this post deserves to end with a smiley face 🙂

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