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7 Jan


Hello from me and Mr Penguin.

Honestly, it’s been a pretty challenging couple of weeks. For a start I had a bug with a cold that turned into a flu which turned my throat into a scratch board. Then medication that was suppose to work that didn’t (exactly why I hate medicine). Moral of the story is go and get the flu jab.

There has also been so much good. There was Christmas which was awesome and of course followed a great entry into the new year. Between those two events I ate my body weight in chocolate, chicken and supermalt. I have been thinking so much about this year and what I want to achieve. I don’t believe in luck as I reckon we make our own way. Normally I have new years resolutions all planned and written in my best handwriting at the beginning of the year. However, this year it is taking me a while to collate all that I believe God has planned for the year to come. I reckon this is because I’m really thinking and praying about it and not just writing good stuff down. So here are a couple of things I’ve thinking about. What kind of resolutions are you making, tweet me on twitter or write them down in the comments. My list isn’t 100% certain so we can share 😉

Some of the things on my list:

1. Truly dedicate my time and heart to God. Not just read a couple of verses a day, listen to a couple of worship songs and try to feel warm inside.

2. STOP PROCRASTINATING, urgh it is such an ugly habit that leads to so much regret. Totally not worth it.

3. Spend more time working on my hobbies (like my blog)and continue writing. Stop trying to only post ‘perfect’ posts, they don’t exist. Hopefully get a short story published this year. Any literary magazines for takers?….anyone 😉


4. Spend more time with my family and friends this year. My circle of friends has got smaller. Not because I purposefully stopped talking to anyone, but because it just happened. I love to meet new people, but I’m happiest with lovely people around me. People that just take take take are just exhausting.

5. Look after my hair, skin and body and stop complaining!

I’m like: ‘Argh my skin so sensitive’?

God’s like: ‘No, you just don’t know how to take care of it.’ Ouchy mouchy.

6. Be more open. The ‘I’m fine’ thing needs to STOP. If I need help this year I will just ask and not just suffer in silence. Silly me.

7. Stay away from weaves. They always go wrong for me. My scalp rarely likes them…..don’t know why I bother trying.

8. Avoid buying dresses and wear more separates. I can sometimes find buying bottoms hard as they never fit my urm…hip/butt area ha! But dressing up is fun when it involves more creativity I reckon.

9. Save up and buy myself an incredibly awesome camera for my birthday in August.

10. Eat healthier. More fruits, more veg and less sugar 😦


So what else have I been up to in the last couple of weeks?

Sneezy times...



Bistro pub steak with 2 good friends, this was incredible but was not enough ha!


Excuse the chipping nails but what Christmas cuteness from the kids from Church!!??


Wrapping up someone’s first Christmas present…


The annual 25min agony over which Christmas card’s match my wrapping paper best.


Mocktail making at a December birthday!

Beating the Blues…

18 Aug

This post is a little unusual….stay with me! The thing about being human is that at some point in time, our superwoman/man state of mind slips a wee bit. Recently, I’d been in the ‘blues’. Strangely, when I’m not myself I can still do all the things I normally do, laugh, smile, joke and dance. I am private by nature so very VERY few people can tell how I really am. I find it incredible how we can put off dealing with issues of the heart! I found myself feeling sad about all the ‘what-ifs’.I thought I’d share because maybe(just maybe) I might help someone reading this. Now I’m not a qualified clever-cloggs, but sharing is caring.

Disclaimer: This may start off spiritual…but I’m not me without God…and of course cake and a few shopping bags!

1. Spending time with God….a.k.a. praying. But not always on my knees like the stereotype, that hurts and gives you questionable looking knees!

2. Meditating on good things I already have. Loving my now…not hating the now and just enduring till the future gets here.

3. Eating Oreo Cookies and Cream ice-cream late at night.

4. Having friends a.k.a. people that know when your faltering and pick you up even when your miles away. And then do everything to be right next to you when you really need them.

5. Having a good cry….it’s necessary sometimes….grab a tissue!

I think this post deserves to end with a smiley face 🙂

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