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5 Nov

Hello wonderful readers 🙂 It’s really starting to get cold isn’t it! Definitely time to start autumn/winter shopping, staying warm creates the perfect excuse! If you follow me on Instagram(@bychioma), you may have already seen some of these! Follow me over there so I don’t feel lonely 🙂

For all the regulars on here, you may be wondering why posts have been a bit scarce recently 😦 (sad apologetic face). The first reason is that my day job(the one that puts food on the table), now involves more hours. This is great for my pocket but means I need to learn how to balance life and work and not just stay in bed out of tiredness. The second reason is that my poor old camera has gone to Heaven. That’s right….she is dead. By the way, repairing cameras is so expensive! argh….(scrooge sigh.) Currently deciding whether to fix it or just get a new one!

No Make-up day 🙂 When I don’t wear make-up I look like 5 years younger.

Took my sister and her friends out for her birthday! This dessert was so incredible I’m pretty much salivating just looking at the picture.

I have no idea who this gentleman is, but he was so well dressed I had to take a picture. It’s not often this stands opposite you on the tube.

Getting way too excited in Boots….ah well got my points!!

Waterstone’s tube adverts…..that little boy is the cutest thing ever, those glasses aww!

Just me…ahahhaha?

Attended the incredible Ayo-Dele‘s album launch with friends, such a great night!

Me and my sister fell in love with the same Topshop bag whilst in two different cities. She bought it, I didn’t. I will soon correct this!

Dim-Sum at Ping-Pong

West End battered shopping bags taking a break on Pizza Hut chairs…

Don’t forget to wrap up everyone…get the boots and gloves out!


Instagram-ed Sunday Best: Why Hello Coat and Red Lipstick!

27 Sep

Hi everyone(smiles).

Last Sunday I realised it was time to get my coat action on. In England it’s literally raining on tap. So much so that there are flood warnings up and down the country. Good bye beloved sandals! I am so sure friends and family are sick and tired of seeing this dress. It’s the Chioma version of the ‘little black dress’. I throw it on in the summer with sandals and in the autumn/winter with boots…like this. I think that most girls have one of those dresses!

I love lipstick. I love the texture, the rich colour and the polished look. I only own one(that should change on payday ha!). I remember the day I bought it like yesterday. I was 19, I loved the idea of owning lipstick and I thought it would make me look a little more grown up. Maybe even elegant. I walked up to a Clinique counter and asked them for a red that would suit my skin tone. I wanted one with a gloss finish being used to lip gloss. Back then, I thought that red was the ultimate lipstick colour and in some ways I still do.

Coat: Topshop/ Dress: Mango/ Necklace: H&M/ Boots: Zara

Essie Nail Polish of the day: Watermelon


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