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5 Things Tuesday: The Problem with Instagram…

25 Jun

Greetings from New York, wonderful lovelies! Thank you for being so loyal and supportive. I’m deep in the middle of helping to sort out yet another wedding. It is definitely becoming a trend! New York State is wonderful. I can’t wait to get to the city! Pictures and details will be shared shortly as always.


1. Instagammers always think what they are taking a picture of is more important than it actually is. Who cares what faces your cat is pulling this morning? Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes it’s just a cat’s face. I don’t even know know whether I’m a cat or a dog person but one thing is true. I’m not always bothered.

2. Instagrammers are sly show offs. Every success is documented, yet half of them don’t even have a printed family photo album. Loose their passwords and their life just didn’t happen.

3. Instagrammers lie! Girl, I saw you yesterday!! We all know that hot hair pic should really be a throwback thursday picture! That #nomakeup, I can see the eyeliner!

4. Instagrammers have angel boyfriends. Who buy them flowers all the time and leave them picture perfect neat notes. By the way, what is it with all the ‘he bought me this and that’ #keeper posts! When was the last time you worked hard and bought yourself a diamond? silly silly…

5. Instagrammers make danger look silly. Taking pictures in the driving seat and on the edge of mountains. Does your mum know you are doing this? Someone call 999….NOW!

And by the way…..I’m guilty too! ūüėČ


Instagram-ed Sunday Best?: Mauve Lace

17 Sep

Yesterday, I was away with my thoughts and managed to forget my camera. Seriously! At first I thought, ‘Well that’s that then,’ but afterwards I remembered a thing called Instagram. Having newly discovered my beautiful Iphone, I admit to Instagram addiction(@bychioma). It doesn’t have the same pixel quality, but there’s something about the filters that makes pictures look so great. What do you think?

Kicking up my heels…

Dress: Asos/Heels: Kurt Geiger/Earrings: Deptford Market Stall/ Watch: Triwa/ Bangle: Azendi/ Essie Nail Colour: Boat House

So what do you think? Do you think my Sunday Best photo’s should be with a regular camera or alternate with Instagram?

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