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Monochrome Summer: OOTD and a Sparkly Treat

30 Jul

I am trying to console myself. Why? In the process of trying to be  a grown up, I have decided to give this blog a proper domain name/hosting. But alas I have already found myself on the support forum. 5 minutes in. Oh dear.

It’s been a while since I did an Outfit Of The Day, here goes!


I bought this  top from French Connection during a sale.  Its a  popular design but FC do it in the best quality I have seen on the high street.  Not at all sheer and with some actual weight to it.


I’m enjoying the last days of this  Monsoon skirt. It’s massive design flaw is that it doesn’t have a zip. As a result the waist area is stretched so the skirt can only be worn with a waist belt. Such a shame! The Chanel-esque strap makes my comfiness look a little more elegant. As does my Prada-esque  sunglasses. Too much Vogue.


tiffany key diamonds by the yard

Give a warm welcome to my new  Tiffany & Co ‘Diamonds by The Yard’ necklace. A.K.A. the love of my eyes for the last year. I told a friend of mine that I bought it and she said ‘FINALLY’ ha!

 I chose to to have in yellow gold as opposed to platinum as it suits me better. White metals like silver, white gold and platinum stand out more on me. That wasn’t really the look I was going for. I gravitate towards jewellery that is very elaborate or barely there. I have not taken my new necklace off since I bought it 2 weeks ago. Definitely the right choice.

French Connection Top

H&M Belt

Monsoon Skirt

ASOS Sandals

Warehouse Bag

Tiffany & Co Jewellery 

Thanks to I.O.A Photography 🙂

The first trailer for the film adaptation of ‘Half of A Yellow Sun’ with Thandie Newton and Chiwitel Ejiofor

24 Jul

I have 3 Favourite Books. The first is the Bible, which is also the most widely read book worldwide. No surprises there. The second is ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe, creatively depicting a post- colonial world. The third is ‘Half a Yellow Sun’ which is a bit of everything. Serious issues such as culture and politics with romance and history mixed in. The film has already had the privilege of being announced as part of the 2013 Toronto Film Festival.’Half of a Yellow Sun’ will also be opening the Africa International Film Festival in November 2013.

My family are crazy about this book. I cannot wait to share this first snippet with them too! The funny thing is I actually met Chiwetel Ejiofor shortly before the whole casting started. Nice guy. It won’t be long now.

5 Things Tuesday: Why Can’t Men…

23 Jul

men cartoon

1. Read our minds! It’s completely natural for us to assume they have telepahic powers? One eyebrow means I’m upset, not finishing the chocolate means yesterday’s argument is still on. Right? ha!

2. Why can’t the majority of men multi-task? Please help me to do ‘a’, please help me do ‘b’. You relax because he kindly did ‘b’, but where is ‘a’? Side eye.

3. Why can’t men decide? From Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet to Ross and Rachel. For all the many women I meet waiting for you guys to make up your minds, like seriously….whats up?

4. Why can’t some men get it into their heads that a couple of characteristics don’t define their masculinity. What’s with the hands ‘checking’ down there hasn’t disappeared? All  the ‘no homo’ assurances after every emotional display and pretending to be good at diy. Drop the screwdriver and call the plumber!

5. Why can’t men not have a but? He’s hot but he still clings to mummy. He has such a great personality but he’s a secret hoarder. He’s great with kids but his facebook is full of pictures of him in the middle of a bush, drunk with a traffic cone on his head. Kind of eliminates the responsible element. And the cycle goes again…..

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Chi x

Something has to be done….

22 Jul

I’m not sure if you are aware but the Nigerian Senate is in the middle of a pretty hot topic. They are debating the idea of legalising under age marriage. That’s right. I’m not even joking. Nigeria, one of the wealthiest and fastest developing countries in Africa. The ‘Jewel’ of Africa? Frankly, what angers me is not even the idea. There will always be awful people in this world. What really gets to me is that this has become a debate. Why is this even being considered? Is it not obvious in our world what is right and wrong anymore? Of all the things to worry about in Nigeria. The imprisonment of innocent undeveloped girls to old men?

If you pray, please pray for Nigeria. Pray for all the girls who have dreams before their right to choose them is taken away. The wonderful Nigerian actress Stella Damascus has taken to Youtube to vent, I’ve never seen her out of character so angry!

Please take a moment to sign this petition.


5 Things Tuesday: 5 Things I would tell my younger self.

9 Jul


1. Half of those silly things you hate about yourself are not such a big deal. You share your stretch marks with millions. Your chest will never get much bigger, but that doesn’t mean your not attractive. You’ll figure out how to keep spots at bay for special occasions.

2. The world is a scary place with a whole load of wierdo’s. Not trusting anyone makes life hard. Just choose who you trust wisely.

3. .Right now Jesus is just your friend. One day He will become your everything. The journey has just started.

4. Growing up doesn’t mean you have get it all together. Perfection is unattainable, it’s easier to try to do the right thing.

5. There’s nothing wrong with you. The reason they say your slow is dyslexia, but the reason you’ll suceed anyway is God. You’ll get that Maths GCSE and your Head of Year who told you that you weren’t suitable for a formal education will pout when you give her that box of maltesers on your A-Level results day. By they way Mrs So and So, I told you so 😉 (Cue cheesy triumphant music.)

What would you tell your younger self? Life is funny in that we are taught the same lesson until it sinks in. Writing this made me think about some of the journies I am still on and the work ahead. I’m not overwhelmed at all, just in awe of how far God has brought me. I’m not just grateful, I’m happy !

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