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The Spotlight’s On…Harrods at Jubilee

29 May

So, for those of you not in England, you should know that London has gone Jubilee mad! In celebration of our incredible Queen’s 60 years on the  throne….pretty cool huh? As a result there are flags and celebrations everywhere which makes for an incredible fashion opportunity. Harrods (that famous London department store) ran a competition to decide who who create their store window and Fay ‘s design got created! Isn’t it incredible? You know I’m all about the details…so I’ve provided some close-ups….enjoy!

Ending with a little comedy…


25 May

This is a long one…but a super happy one! I recently reached 1000 followers on here amongst all the post ‘likes’!!!!!

It means the world to me to know that people are a even slightly interested in what I have to say. All the kind comments and emails on here and through IFB make me so happy. By the way If I havn’t replied yet don’t worry, I’m not ignoring you…I’m still working my way through the stack!

I’m daily loved by a great God who has positioned some amazing people by my side who would remind me about that blog I was supposed to start!

I am so priviledged to have the kind of friends who would:

  • Buy me a pair of hot winter boots…just because
  • Treat me like I’m family and accept me into theirs…whilst I use and abuse their kitchens in the absence of an oven. Turning out boxes of cupcakes ha!
  • Give me a brand new spare eyeliner….girls you know this means everything!
  • Cook me dinner and force me too eat during my final year at uni.
  • Be honest and truthful throughout over 10 years of friendship (you know who you are….I love you by the way)

One of my very good friends sent me this card in the post.

The text on it reads ‘Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget’.

This got me thinking about ways you can cheer your friends up too!

Cheer-up Technique 1:

Surprise them with an ice-cream and movie night!

Cheer-up Technique 2:

Slyly pop their favourite beauty product in their bag…with a sweet note and maybe some Smarties!

Cheer-up Technique 3:

Post them a surprise (like my friend did). It’s nice to get post through that isn’t payrolls, bills or pizza menu’s.

Cheer-up Technique 4:

Buy a bunch of their favourite flowers.(This image was me at my degree show, I recieved COUNTLESS bunches!)

Cheer-up Technique 5:

Grab  a voucher for one of their favourite shops.


The Spotlight’s On….Hermes Forever

18 May

Confession: It slightly upsets me when people complain about the price of luxury handbags. As a textile graduate I know the work that goes into a piece of that magnitude. The inspiration, details and composition can take YEARS to collate and enter the wardrobes of lucky ladies. Legacy is a huge part of what makes a luxury brand….years of talent and creativity summed into one word.

Images via Park & Cube

In this case, the brand on our lips is Hermes. They are celebrating their 175th anniversary with the new exhibition ‘Hermes Leather Forever’. We will get to see items from their archive as well as seeing interactive demonstrations of the Hermes Team creating some of thier most popular pieces! I love when culture and fashion meet!

Royal Academy of Arts, London

Hermes Leather Forever

6 Burlington Gardens

The Wedding Spotlight’s On….Jenny Packham 2013 Bridal Collection

16 May

Jenny Packham has worldwide appeal and is one of Britain’s most loved bridal designers. Packham’s  designs are always incredibly detailed and oh so elegant. She recently dressed Catherine,Duchess of Cambridge (Formerly known as Kate Middleton) at a Gala honouring our Olympians and Paralympians…

Images via DailyMail

Seeing Catherine reminded me of Jenny Packham’s newly released 2013 Bridal collection. I had to share it with you…make sure you check it out 2013 brides!

Check out her website for further enquires and stockist information here!


The Spotlight’s On…Enamelled Accessories

15 May

One of the biggest trends at the moment is enamelled accessories. I reckon it started with the likes of Hermes and Frey Wille…and it’s slowly trickled down to the high street. It’s a great way to add a pop of colour to a neutral outfit or add to  an already bright one!

1. Hermes Gold Plated Clic H Bangle £425 @ Hermes Online

2. Coral Eleanor Bangle £85 @ Stella&Dot

3. Astley Clarke Colour Enamel Bangles from £85 @ Astley Clarke

4. Tiffany blue band ring £120 @ Tiffany&Co

5. Enamelled Metal £5.99 @ H&M

6. Enamel Curve Stud Earrings £7.50 @ Topshop

7. Pink Lindsay Bangle £45 @ Stella&Dot

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