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Casual Sunday Best(Outfit of the day): Snow and all…

23 Jan

Guess who’s back ūüėČ So remember that flu thing? Recovering took a while. And after recovering I decided to start the new year right and put my priorities straight. Anywho more about that later….

Who else is experiencing the snow? Honestly, I’m not crazy about snow itself. I hate the cold, the sludge and slippery-ness. What I love is the look of it. Snow manages to make even the weirdest neighbourhoods look like something out of a Christmas card.

¬†It’s so pretty, though to me it’s better admired with hot chocolate from a window. However in the spirit of it all, I thought I’d take some photo’s because….well….it’s snow!DSCN3843


When I walked into Primark and saw this skirt I knew I had to have it. The perfect Autumn shade. And at ¬£7 full price….bargain!



Cardigan: Mango/ Top: Primark/ Skirt: Primark/ Boots: Zara/ Lips: Mac Frost Finish Lipstick ‘New York Apple’


and yes it was so cold I ran back inside….

Photography by the sweetness that is S. Alatise Photography


Rosie Huntington-Whitely For Marks and Spencer’s Autograph

28 Sep

There something about the feeling of great underwear that get me a little giddy. I will put up my hands and ¬†admit to being a snob on this subject. I love the feeling of silk(the real kind), new lace and all greatness before colours start to fade and elastic goes amiss. I got my first pretty undergarments from Marks and Spencer. What was your first shopping trip like? It seems that everyone remembers that awkward first fitting mothers takes you on(cringe). Having gone through my draws, I realised I have a lot more from good old Marks and Spencer’s than I thought. Every now and then they create things that I have to have. Evidently this happens a lot.

Enter Rosie Huntington- Whitely, supermodel, face of Burberry and now designing for Marks and Spencer. Her range has debuted and the results are stunning!

Working with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Collection available from Marks and Spencer’s online¬†¬†here and prices start from ¬£17.50. Simples!

Get that Burberry look…

31 Aug

I am a massive Burberry fan. All of their designs have such an English flair. Every time I pass a concession, I find myself lingering over the bags(and the smell of leather)….ahhh! This is for those of you who want a Burberry but are waiting for that money to spare.

The other day I visited my local Zara store, and got a little happy. ¬†I found this bag…

 Antik Leather Combined Bowling Bag £59.99 at Zara

that reminded me of the one below.

Medium Bridle Leather Belted Bowling Bag £895 at Burberry

I’m not one for duplications, ‘similar’ is a whole lot more elegant….and legal! Both bowling bags, different designs but still with the Burberry look. YAY!

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12 Jun

Apologies…I have been the busiest bee! I am a friends Maid of Honour and have been knee deep in all sorts of loveliness. Arrived back in London yesterday and thought that a glimpse post was due. So here it it is…and If your in London don’t leave without your umbrella, it’s not looking good! (Apologies, I’m British and we love to talk about the weather!)

I actually went to Hermes Exhibition….I practice what I preach!

In the last two weeks I have been to Paperchase a whopping 4 times!

Kitchen Photo

Beautiful white peony/sweet peas that were sitting in my kitchen. No longer with us…kinda sad!

Making bunting for a friends hen-do….

New shoes from ASOS for work!

Beautiful limited edition stamps……because letters should look pretty too!

I’m loving Rimmel Pro nail polish at the moment….no chips or colour fading!

The Spotlight’s On….The Queen

5 Jun

Here in England there are massive celebrations underway celebrating 60 years of our Queen being on the throne. That’s an incredible amount of time and I think She has done a great job! I’m not sure about you but have you noticed that the Queen always LOOKS good?….think about it.Vogue recently put together a piece on our Queens extensive and colourful wardrobe. It seems like She got to every trend first! Hope your enjoying the blue, red and white where ever you are today….

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